Grandmothers Speak-A Call to Power

I was first introduced to the Grandmothers on a Shamanka training weekend just before Christmas last year-2007. One of the girls from the previous year had been given the book and insisted that Eliana read it. Eliana was about half way through it and decided to do a simple meditation requesting the Grandmothers presense. It was the last activity of the weekend and in fact the year. The next year the women move on to participate in the Luminous Warrior (Year 2 of the Shamanka Practitioner Course). We sat on the floor in a circle in Star House -the silence was magnificent. I find sitting too long on the floor painfull so I altered my position from crossed legged to ‘prayer’ posture. I felt my neighbour put her hand on my back where it was hurting and warm healing energy flow through me. The meditation was deep and the energy somehow holding and gentle. When we finished there was a hushed calm and joy bubbling in our hearts. We shared our experiences and I turned to my neighbour on the left to thank her for the healing. She looked at me blankly and said it hadn’t been her! Then I realised the Grandmothers had been truly there! I had to read this book.

I went home and onto the internet to where I ordered 2 copies of the book. As soon as they arrived I started to read and was so excited by the ‘rightness’ of what I was reading. I gave the other copy to my Mother and when I’d finished reading my copy, lent it to my friend Debbie. Upon finishing it I realised that I would like to receive the Caul from the Grandmothers and emailed Sharon in Laguna Beach-the lady who wrote the book. She said it was possible to do the ceremony over the phone which we organised and on 14th Febuary 2008 I received the Caul from the Grandmothers. As Sharon placed the ‘Caul’ energetically over me (remembering she’s in Laguna Beach and me in Great Mongeham) I felt a warm tingly sensation begin at the top of my head and cascade down over me. It was extraordinary. I felt so excited and fortunate.

I decided to start a Grandmothers group at my house and we had our first meeting at the beginning of March. There were 3 of us there-myself my Mum and Debbie. We listened to a CD from Sharon telling the story of the Grandmothers, we then did the Net of Light Meditation and then our own ceremony where Debbie received the Caul. Again the energy was delightful. Afterwards we sat around and chatted over cups of tea-a really lovely evening. We have decided to hold a meeting monthly where we can meditate, share the Grandmothers message with others who might be interested and laugh together as women and friends.

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