Daily Archives: 7th April 2009

River Two Horses

Over the passed few weeks I have been working with my Webmaster-River Two Horses-to update my site and generally have a Spring clean!  He lives in Richmond Virginia USA and over the years we have become good friends and work very well together.  I was lucky enough to meet him personally on my trip to the States a few years ago.  He is very supportive and an interesting person-very much on his own Spiritual Path.  He is a good teacher and I love the sound of his American drawl! “Awesome!”  We understand each other-mostly- although sometimes there is a language barrier! As an American I think he finds my English interesting and often amusing.  We email ideas and suggestions backwards and forwards.  He found a good site where we can talk on the phone for next to nothing-haven’t got to grips with Skype yet.  I think he gets a bit exasperated sometimes with my rather slow uptake on computer stuff! I wanted to post this so he really knows how much I appreiciate ALL the hard work he has put into Shamanicplanet.com and how much I value his friendship.