Champlain’s Well

I have lived at Champlain’s Well for almost three years now.  It truely is a beautiful place.  It has all the energy of a rural retreat but we are in fact only a few minutes-by car- away from Deal Town centre…perfect.  The house is old and has many stories to tell.  The oldest part is dated 1540 and the most

Champlain's Well from the back garden

modern from the 1950’s.  The picture above is the house viewed from the back garden.

Originally it was two cottages.  The White Cottage to the front and Redberry Cottage with its Dutch gable end, catslide roof and stairwell tower.  As the name suggests there is a well in the garden.  The pictures below are old photos of the cottages before they were joined.

back-of-redberry-cottage-1934 front-view-from-corner white-house-front1

Great Mongeham has a fascinating history.  We are now a few miles from the sea but in Medieval times there was an inlet  and a dock.  The whole village was involved in supplying the soldiers at the garrison in Calais.  There was a brewery and bakers as well as farms producing food for the army.  Redberry and the White Cottage had orchards and was famous for its strawberries. Of course anyone who knows anything about strawberries realise that Kent grows the best tasting strawberries in the world!  There were also beehives-see picture below-producing apple blossom honey


Now we grow our own vegetables as well as herbs for healing and smudging.  I have just planted a few strawberry plants this Spring and I am looking forward to the summer to sample home grow berries and cream!

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