Shamanka-The Ceremonial Way

I just got back from a Dorset weekend-helping out on the Luminous Warrior Course.  The weather was beautiful as warm sun filled Spring days provided the perfect backdrop for a group of wonderful women to continue their Journey into the Mysteries. On my arrival Eliana showed me an article she had written which had been published in the brilliant magazine Sacred Hoop.  It is all about ritual and ceremony and how in the 21st century our lives can become dull and repetitive without it, and even in our darker moments ‘meaningless’.  It is a very interesting piece.

I have been asked  to create  ceremony and ritual for different times.  The most special was a ‘Birthing.’  I was asked by a firend of mine to be present at the birth of her 2nd child, so I could create Sacred Space for her to be born into.  As these traditions of our culture have been lost I Journeyed to speak to my Grandmother and ask her advice.  She was very clear and told me exactly what to do.  I was required to Journey for a Spirit name for the baby which I did, to set up the Space in a specific way and to be there for the Mother and child.  A short time after the baby was born she was given to me and I whispered her Spirit name into her ear.  I felt so honoured.  Later on a we had a naming ceremony for the baby and her family which was so touching and beautiful.  What a difference to re-turn to the Earth plane in such a gentle way rather than be ejected into a hospital room amongst strangers.

So Eliana has now asked me to start running weekend workshops to help people re-introduce ritual and ceremony back into their lives.  So for those of you who are interested I am offering Shamanka-The Ceremonial Way.  No dates yet as my diary is pretty full for this year already… watch this blog and as soon as weekend becomes available I’ll let you know.

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