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Summer Workshop Programme 09

Summer workshop Programme

Introduction to Shamanism

6th June & 18th July

Learn the basic techniques of journeying, divination, psychic protection, shamanic tools and their usage.

Crystal Journey

13th June & 4th July

Guided vision journey to quest your personal crystal diva. Learn how to use crystals to re-balance your aura and harmonise your home.

Shamanic Drum Making Weekend

11th-12th July & 19th-20th September

With the help of your Spirit guides you will create, decorate and empower your own Shamanic Drum. Using traditional methods with natural rawhide and hand made birch hoops.

Shamanka –The Ceremonial Way

26th-27th September

This workshop gives you the tools to create meaningful Ceremony for yourself, friends and family appropriate for the 21st Century

The Magical Woman

1st-4th October

Women only workshop- Explore and heal ourselves using the five ancient symbols of power.

For further information and bookings call:

Seersha 07809722097