Daily Archives: 13th April 2009

Garden Magic

The weather over the Easter weekend has been lovely-an English Spring in all its glory.  My front garden is bursting with daffodils and narcissii, hyacynths and tulips.  The cherry has just burst into blossom and the roses are coming into leaf.  In the back the magnolia is majestic in pale pink and the self seeded borage glints with tiny bright blue blooms.

Our vegetable garden is taking shape with beetroot, carrots, spuds, onion, cabbage, garlic and Hopi corn already planted.  In the poly tunnel are mange tout, runner beans, cauliflower and courgettes popping up from the seed trays. As well as some nasturtiums, delphinium and geraniums.

We have just created a new herb plot-inspired by James Wong of Grow your Own Drugs-  In there we have planted Feverfew, Thyme, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chives and Garlic Chives, Sage, Parsley, a small Bay Tree and strawberries.

I  have just got the most amazing book called The Illustrated Herbal Handbook by Juliette de Bairacli Levy 1st printed in 1974.  It is such a simple book but full of rememdies using commonal garden plants and weeds-I am a total convert to such simple home cures for everyday ailments.

I love the idea and practice of growing our own! Nothing tastes as wonderful as food that you have planted and grown in your own garden or allotment.  It is so ‘green’ and really enjoyable.  I talk and sing to the plant Spirits as I work.  It is a very rewarding activity to be involved in. I feel so close to Mother Earth, especially listening to the birds singing-full of the joys of Spring.  I feel  part of the web of life very strongly whilst I am out here in the fresh air with my hands in the soil-it’s easy to be grateful for all the Gifts that we are given-to share love and positivity.  Here you can forget the unruly children, the grumpy husband, the unfinished washing up……here you can be in the now, soaking up the sun and being………….

Faerie Festival-Canterbury Easter Weekend

I spent a very enjoyable weekend at the Faerie Festival in Canterbury this Easter.  I had a stall selling smudging herbs and books and some jewellery although my main purpose was to ‘get out there’ and inform folks of the kind of workshops and therapies that are available at Champlain’s Well.

I shared the space with my friend Maria who sells amazing handcrated jewellry made by her partner who is a Native Peruvian and lives in Cusco-Maria spends her time half in UK and the rest in Peru.  She is setting up a company called Shamanka Trail which will be offering  tours to the less known and touristy ancient sacred sites in Peru for those of us that can’t afford the mega prices charged by other tour operators…..Peru on a shamanic shoestring I guess.

I met many fascinating people and some old friends too which was brilliant.  A good place for networking.

There was live music for the whole weekend which was wonderful and the warm Spring weather bought many people through the doors.  The lady on the table next to me on one side had trained with Doreen Virtue and was doing Angel readings-on the other was a Reflexologist-we swapped treatments and chatted and got to know each other.

I took with me my Coyote scalp, geode and sparrow hawk wings and tail -not to sell but to bring different energy to the stall.  It’s was interesting watching how people reacted to them.  Every child was fascinated by Coyote and wanted to stroke him and talk about him-many adults were ‘disapproving’ or frightened.  Often parents telling their children not to touch!  I promised the children that Coyote wouldn’t bite and that it was perfectly fine to hold him.  They asked how he died-how did I take his face off-where had his eyes gone…..?  One little girl said to her Mum “Actually he’s not really dead -cos he can talk!”   For some reason people could accept Sparrow Hawk easier than coyote

All in all I had a fun weekend and look forward to the next Fayre in August