Daily Archives: 15th April 2009

STOP PRESS!!!! Grandmother’s Gathering in England

Wow just had an email from Sharon McErlane letting us know she is coming to Europe this Autumn and asking if we’d like to organise a Gathering here!!! Whoopee.  So watch this space and my website for further details.  Read her book-check out her website  www.grandmothersspeak.com It’s going to be a marvellous Fall here as we have the Monks of Tashi Lhunpo visiting too!

Travelling down to Dorset

Ok…I admit it…..I’ve been blogged!  Actually I’ve had a blog space or whatever the correct term is since River created my beautiful website 2 years ago and its only now that I am actually using it.  I still haven’t understood how to get people to read it or connect with others but when I return from Dorset next week River is going to explain how to do all that stuff.  He is really patient with me ( I know that is the wrong spelling but my mind has gone blank and I cannot for the life of me remember the right way!).

Anyway here I am sitting at the PC when I probably should be running around doing ‘last minute’ stuff before I head off to Dorset for weekend 2 of the Practitioner’s Training.  I am getting a lift with 2 of the. students-to be green and save petrol.

My car ‘died’ last week and has gone to Daewoo heaven-I hope!  I am in the process of getting a replacement and will be able to collect my Nissan Almeira on my return.

Silas my Bull Mastiff cross pup is a bit under the weather so I am leaving him in my son’s capable hands.  Nothing too dramatic just an upset tum-probably ate something grim!  He’s a bit of a ‘bin hound’!

So I’ll not be at the  keyboard until next week now-probably get withdrawals!