Daily Archives: 23rd April 2009

More Garden Magic

Since I came back from Dorset I have spent as much time as possible in the garden.  The weather is glorious.  I am finding it difficult to drag myself indoors to sit at my PC as the Magic of the Garden entrances me!  Jago-my youngest son and I have created a new raised bed in which to plant summer purple sprouting brocoli.  It’s everyones favourite so it’s a big bed.  He also has dug over a new potato patch ready for my King Edwards which are chitting as we speak!

I love working with Jago-he is such a happy soul.  When he was a little boy he had a dreadful head injury which almost killed him.  I prayed and prayed for his recovery but didn’t feel the God I was bought up with would understand so I called on the Goddess for the first time and She made the difference!  I will tell that tale another time.  Enought to say that he has a great affinity with Nature and the sea in particular and he is waiting to begin an apprenticeship at a local boat builders.

I am on my way out this evening to attend a Psychology of Vision Meeting in Canterbury- to catch up with old friends and share a cup of tea.