Birth Fergus


Rupti and Fergus

Fergus choose to be born on a gorgeous summer day.  We didn’t know it would be so lovely as it was only 4.22 am when he arrived.  Ever the night owl!  He was my first home birth and what a difference.  To be at home compared to hospital is so much better.  You can be who you are and feel safe and secure in your surroundings. I spent a lot of the labour in our bath which was a huge old fashioned one.

Rupti was there and very excited when I went into labour the previous evening.  My sister in law came and collected Cai as we felt the flat we were living in was too small and Cai too young to be left to his own devices whilst I was giving birth.

My Doctor had asked if she could be present at the birth as she had never been able to before.  I agreed as she was such a lovely woman so I had a personal Doctor and a Midwife and all on the NHS!  The contractions began to really get strong at about 2 am.  Interestingly my husband put on his best trousers for the event and I can remember saying to him-“Don’t wear those they’ll get ruined!”  but he insisted  True to the warning at some point close to the delivery my waters broke and he was soaked in amniotic fluid!  I remember him rubbing my back furiously and when Fergus was finally delivered claiming it was the back rubbing that had done the trick!

Home  is absolutely the best place to have your baby.  The medical profession prefer you to have babies in hospital because its easier for them.  You and your baby won’t catch a hospital based infection and the stress is far less than if you are in strange surroundings.  If there is a problem paramedics can be on the scene in minutes unlike women who are left for hours labouring and ‘forgotten’ in busy maternity wards.  You get one to one help from the Midwife and this is the same Midwife that has come to visit you at your house throughout your pregnancy.

Women are bullied and frightened into having hospital births.  Obviously there is a need sometimes to be in a hospital surrounding but I believe that if women were left to deliver naturally and at home that there would be far less complications and medical intervention.  There have been many scientific studies to back up my view.

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