Birth Jago


Seersha and Jago 6th May 1992

Jago is my youngest son.  He will be 17 on 6th May-I can’t believe that my baby is almost 17!  He was a little bit late -due on the 3rd.  My husband had an important meeting in London to go to-all was well, but as he rounded the corner in the car, out of sight, my contractions started.  In those days we didn’t have a mobile so I knew that it was impossible to let him know.  so I rang and left a message on his office phone in London-a 3 hour drive away.

It was a beautiful May morning in Devon-the first real Spring day we’d  had that year.  The sun was shining , birds in full voice and the garden a picture of  Spring bloom.  At 11am I called the Midwife and she arrived within the hour.  This labour seemed gentle and I kept moving around- happy to be at home and in the safe hands of Sue.  We went upstairs and prepared my bedroom for the delivery.  I thought it might be a good idea to go to the loo whilst I still could!  I walked into the bathroom and over to the window and as I looked out onto the garden a very strong contraction came-the 1st painful one I’d had.  I remember consciously thinking “I really don’t want this pain” and a feeling of calm and relaxation swept over me and I felt every muscle in my body relax-totally relax and as this wave of relaxation spread from my head to my feet out popped Jago-the amniotic sac still intact-Sue must have realised something was happening as she came running in and caught him before he hit the floor!

Within 20 minutes he and I were sitting in the garden whilst I made Daisy chains and sang, completely content and happy.  Jago is still a joy-even as a teenager-and he still makes me sing!


So here they all are now:

Jago at college studying the Countryside and Environment waiting for an apprenticeship in Yacht construction

Fergus in London doing an HNC in Music Production and wowing club goers with his wonderful sets.  Check out Audioscope on MySpace

Cai living nearby and working as a Tree Surgeon.

I am so proud of them….my beautiful babies!

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  1. I remember it all ………………. I think was on kid/crowd control as everyone wanted a front row seat, to see Jago being born – in a very small bathroom. Love you.

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