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Just had a phonecall from Tanya at Spirit and Destiny Magazine asking if they could send someone to participate in my Introduction to Shamanism course on 6th June., with a view to writing an article on the workshop and myself. I had to think aobut it as one of the criteria that I follow is complete confidentiality within individual treatments and workshops.  However after discussing possibilities with Tanya, I agreed that it would be ok on the condition that all particpants know beforehand that a representative of the magazine will be attending.  So if you’re interested in joining us let me know ASAP but be prepared to have your photo in Spirit and Destiny!

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  1. Very cool, Swift Horse! Would be great “exposure” for you, and your workshops! So I just finished reading all the stories about the births of your sons. Wow. Cool stories. I’ve 3 younger sisters. The youngest of them has had 3 children now, and all of them with a midwife (versus hospital). They went to a “birthing center” (not at home), which had a number of interesting options for her to choose from. Her last 2 were born underwater in their LARGE bathtubs… something most folks don’t have at home. This sister LOVED her birthing experiences. ~ Two Horses

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