Grand Designs Exhibition-A different Way to Spend Beltane

Yesterday I spent an interesting day up in London visiting the Grand Designs Exhibition at the ExCel Cente in London’s dockland. A bit of a different way to spend Beltane!  However this was all about new beginnings as we are researching eco-housing that hopefully, in the not too distant future we will be able to build and live in.

I had a smooth trip up on the train and found the centre was well serviced by tube and the DLR.  I felt a bit like a country bumkin-wide eyed at all the impressive buildings in Docklands and all the people.

The venue was well sited and ventillated so even though it was a warm day it still felt cool and comfortable inside despite the numbers of people.  The exhibition was separated in themed areas:  Garden, Interiors, Self Build….but small enough so that you could see everything in a day easily with time to stop and try out wonderful zero gravity massage chairs and drink tea! There were seminars on different aspects of designing your own home and help on hand from Architects and building companies all vying for your trade.

I got some great ideas of things to do on our house.  I was very excited by the Eco Pod and Land Ark designed and marketed by Zed who are a trail-blazing ethically motivated company

I saw folks weaving willow hurdles and making straw bale walls using cob.  Carpenters making timber frames for traditional buildings, Stone Masons carving exquisite designs as well as 21st century audio and video equipment and plush interiors.  A thoroughly enjoyable day.

My husband manged to get there for the last couple of hours and immediately found the massage chair and spent at least an hour sampling the delights of being stretched gently and pumelled and kneaded before gettin out his card and buying one there and then.  Guess we’ll have to draw lots on who gets to sit in it!!

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