Grandmothers Dawn Water Meditation

I received this email and decided to participate.

Hello All:
I just wanted to let you know about a special event idea that comes from a special Collaboration between  the Waitaha Grandmothers from the Aoteoroa (New Zealand) and Turtle Island, called the Pacific Circle of Prayer.  When I saw the Grandmother’s website, I thought you might be interested in participating to make it a “Worldwide Circle of Prayer”.   If you would like to participate and/or know of someone who would be interested, please share this with them…
Mother’s Day Special Invite for You
Date: 10th of May, 2009 (your time zone)
Time: Dawn (in your time zone)
Place: Any place where there is water, even if you are home with a bowl of water
Your Mission: At the crack of dawn, to please send out a prayer and feeling of unconditional love and healing to Mother Earth and to the world, while touching water
Can you imagine the amazing power wave we can all generate!  Who knows what may happen???
Thanks for your time!  Hope to “see” you on Mother’s Day!
Much Love

I woke up this morning at 4.30 and got up and began my morning routine of feeding the animals.  The dogs were a bit bleary eyed but managed to scoff their breakfast. I had decided to meditate in the garden under our old Ash tree.  I took a small pot from my altar and filled it with Spring Water from a Holy Well that  I had  bought had home with me last time I was at Cerne Abbas.

It was a glorious morning.  Even though the sun wasn’t up yet the birds were singing the Dawn Chorus.  Any twitcher worth their salt will tell you an English dawn chorus in May is the most sublime music you’ll hear in Nature anywhere.

Under the Ash Tree is where I have my Ancestors Altar.  Since I got the dogs I must admit I’ve had to limit the things I put on there as they find it irresistible to root around it, so now it is made up  mostly of stones.  I also have a small brazier and a circle of seating for small ceremonies.  I lit the brazier, called in the Spirits of Champlain’s Well and the Grandmothers and began to meditate.

I had my fingers touching the Sacred Well water  as I was meditating, using the Net of Light Meditation, I  somehow drifted away from that and into a lovely space of connection with the Spirit of the Spring.  I sent Her love and healing and to all the water Spirits in the World.  It was gentle and sweet.  I was aware of a wave of Healing passing over the Earth as at Dawn all over the Planet people  were tuning in and sending healing to Her too.

What a wonderful way to start the day

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