Stonehenge-The mystery revealed

stonehenge-nov-08-a1 I watched a fascinating programme on Chanel 4 a while back .  It was a Time Team special on Stonehenge.  Archeologists have been working for  hundreds of years trying to solve the Mysteries of this iconic monument and finally all the pieces are coming together.

The stone circle at Stonehenge is only part of a ceremonial site on a grand scale.  There are processional walk ways, burial mounds and sky burial sites.  An area to celebrate life and to celebrate death and honour the Ancestors.  The latest excavations tell us that there was a  processional walk begining at the River Avon some kilometres away from the Henge. They’ve found the site where 3 enormous stones marked the start of the walk

It seems as if wood henge was the site where Life was celebrated and Stonehenge is a place for the Ancestors.  For 500 years or so the bones of Roayality were buried within the stone circle.  Archeological signs of sky burials, post holes for the platform on which the bodies were laid for Nature  to consume, have been discovered.

In these times Stonehenge is a strange place.  To visit it is a trial of patience-first you have to pay, then you are herded around the circle never being allowed to go close.  This I can understand because of the damage that would be done by the thousands who flock there every year. Still the tourists bring an atmosphere of consumerism to this place.  However if you close your eyes and let the world go by, drop the chatter,  still the heart and mind Stonehenge still speaks directly to the soul.  It is an immense place.  It is the place of my Ancestors

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