Family Challenges

Its taken me quite some time to write this blog for the reason of family illness.  My middle son Fergus returned from University very ill and I have been dealing with him to the exculsion of everything else.  I’ve had to cancel  drum making workshops, appearances at Mind Body and Spirit festivals  scheduled for July and stop treating people to use my energy for him and the family.  This has been the most challenging experience of my life.  Its called into question eveything I thought I was sure of and tested me to my limit.  The process continues and will do so for the foreseeable future.  I feel as if I have been thrown in the deep end without knowing how to swim and I am learning fast to stop me drowning.

The support from friends and family has been amazing.  So many folks praying for him and sending us all Light.  In my darkest hours the Grandmothers kept my head above the water…just and I thank them for that.  How anyone can deal with these mega challenges life throws at you without a Spirit life I cannot comprehend?  So surely without the Divine I would have drowned. So thanks to all on this plane who have prayed and kept us in Light and thanks to all the Spirits who held us.

We are still dealing with Fergus’s health issues and his healing is  within his own hands and now comes the next big lesson for me…letting go…No matter how clearly I see the whole picture- it not my picture to see.  Its his life and destiny and that must be  done in his own way  The powerlessness of my situation over the recent times has been a major issue for me to deal with-as I am usually a person with clear vision and someone who works by making things come together and work-a fixer.  Well here is something I can’t fix, here is something beyond my capabilities……..Ken Littlefish Durrant once told me that is arrogant to ask for healing for someone else for we don’t know Great Spirits plan for that person but that we can pray that Great Spirit opens the door for them and shows them the Path for their own destiny.

Great Spirit open the door for Fergus

So he can see the Path laid out before him

And may that Path be one of Joy and Love

With the blessings of the Divine Light


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  1. Hi Beautiful – Blog -mmm – not sure if I care to master more Internet things. Next I will be twittering!
    Sunday lunchtime, I think of you. I find myself here, reading your words and sending you all the prayers and love that I have right now. With your love, healing, meditation, spirituality and strength you will find your path…………..
    Fergus is loved.
    So are you…… Akasha

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