Stonehenge Revisited

This year I joined English Heritage and as a consequence I get to go into Stonehenge for free.  Now everytime I pass by I call in for a chat with the Ancient ones.  Last time was on Thursday on my way to Middle Picadilly.  The weather was wild and wet and blowing a hooley.  For some reason English Heritage have decided everyone needs to walk anti-clockwise round the stones.  I just can’t bring myself to do this as it feels wrong.  Widdershins…..So against the flow of visitors I start turning the Wheel.  Once round for the Faeries…….once round for all Lightworkers and Beings of Light and once round for Fergus for his healing.  I pause at the end of the last turn and give Fergus a call letting him know that I am with him and sending him love and take a few pictures……

Image0025 Image0026 Image0023

I leave this magical place soaked to the skin but smiling.  The smile becomes even broader when I get back to the car and see I have not only left my car unlocked but the drivers door wide open with my handbag sitting on the front passenger seat and its still there!  I felt very taken care of as I drove away.

Image0027 Image0024

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