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I have become an avid Facebooker.  I have my own personal page and also one for Shamanicplanet.  Something that I have started to do on the SP page is a quote of the day and suddenly I thought what a good idea for the blog  So as there is more space here for longer quotes I thought a weekly selection would be better.

The idea is that I pick a book at random-eyes closed!  Then again at random open the book and see what it has to say.. Divination..a snippet to meditate on for the week or just an interesting something.  So over to my bookshelf, eyes closed and voila! I choose a book by my good friend Anne Geraghty called In the Dark and Still Moving-a story of her Spiritual Journey with the guru Osho.

I met Anne, then called Vismaya, during my days in Osho’s commune back in the 8O’s.  It was a vibrant time in my life and one I look back on with great fondness.  It was a Spiritual Adventure of the most exhilarating kind…..Love, Life and Laughter was our mantra and we did all to our best ability!  There were casualties on the way but I ended my time, within Rajneesh’s metaphorical embrace, a truely better and happier person.

So here I go and open the page………………………..

“Work is the meditation.  You watch your personal trips come and go, while all the time you focus on the immediate demands of the task in front of you.  In this way your personal ego dissolves as naturally as a dewdrop in the morning sun.  Or did it disappear like a cloud or withdraw ‘dancing lightly on the tide’, I can’t quite remember? Or perhaps it just faded away in the brightness of so much light.

My first two weeks were in the Records Department.  I wandered along rows between banks of filing cabinets, full of cards listing every sanyassin and their psycho-spiritual history.  Each card had its own photo, usual details, date of birth and address, and lists of key ‘events’ such as a precis of a letter sent to Bhagwan, the groups they’d done, useful skills such as accountancy or plumbing.”

I remember spending a few weeks on the Ranch in Oregon doing the same as Anne did in Puna and feeling quite disturbed at the information on the cards.  But that was in the day when personal information was sacrosanct and looking back from a future that is filled with Information and easy access to it, it seems old fashioned and slightly precious!

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  1. Well I didn’t keep that up although I do still post quotes on Facebook!

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