I am sitting at a PC in Lima Peru, after spending my first full day in this wonderful country.  I arrived late yesterday and after a good meal went to bed.  This morning nyself and my friends Maria, Annie and Maggie took a boat ride out to a penguin and seal lion colony.  It was an amzing experience.  The seal lions live on a rocky island that you would think was impossible for them to climb on.  Not only did they manage to get onto to it but some were seen basking at the top which was as high as a 10 storey buiding.  To watch them climb was fascinating. The smell was terrible but we soon got used to it.

Tomorrow we fly to Cusco

The altitude is quite challenging with shortness of breath and nausea.  Some people much worse than others.  Luckily I seem to have got off lightly.  From Cusco we go straight to Pisaq to the Sacred Valley where we will meet with Quero Shamen and take part in a despatchio and fire ceremony

The ancient sites are wonderful the energy there so strong.  Many of us recognise places and have been here before.

The shaman Taurimo Quespo was such a sweet man.  So full of mischief-pixie light.  He and  his brother were so small and loved to play jokes.  His ceremonies were impeccable and the energy and love created enormous.  Graticias Pacha Mamma

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