Daughters of the Jaguar Moon.

Wow its been ages since the trip to Peru and I haven’t had a minute to spare to sit at my PC and catch up on the blog!

Peru was such an amazing experience.  A group of 14 women-half of us under the wing of Shamanka and the other half wonderful women of Kent-all of us Goddesses!

Peru is a gorgeous place, the people are friendly and the air in the mountains pure, if a little thin.  Some of us struggled with the altitude but this all felt part of the journey both external and inner that we undertook.  Each challenge a lesson, each step taken a step in the right direction.

27113_110043415690395_100000542126237_166319_3955597_s The Mountain people are small as you can see. I felt like a giant with these two Quero Shamen. (Tauribio Quespo and his brother)

25675_1440634099476_1341750140_31213242_3658589_s Lying down opposite an Inka burial cliff at Pisaq.  The energies of many places were overwhelming.  Hugging a rock seemed to be a good idea at the time!

We took part in three despachios- ceremonial offerings to Mother Earth-Pacha Mama.  Each with a different Shaman.  The first was prepared at the Rings of Moray by Tauribio Quespo and his brother. We made kintos (offerings of 3 coca leaves into which prayers are breathed) that were placed into the despachio along with  many gifts of flowers and sweets, herbs and small figurines and then bought back to the Sacred Valley at Pisaq to be burned that night.

It was a beautiful night-a few whispy clouds in a dark sky so full of  stars.  The Milky Way was clearly visible above our heads and Tauribio told us that the Sacred Valley is so Sacred because it mirrors the Path of the Milky Way and the people believe that the Valley is a representation of the heavens on Earth.  That night I really understood why.  Breathtaking.   As the Shamen called in the energies using their ‘mesas’ a few clouds drifted over the new moon and Mama Killa became Jaguar.  With Her shining eye looking majestically down on us.  That night we became Daughters of the Jaguar Moon………something shifted, something changed…. an opening, a flowering…an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for being who we are and where we are.  A joy at being together…a delight at our being women…a celebration of laughter and tears….part of the Web in all its glory. Aho

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