Goddess Group

I have been participating in our local Goddess group for a year now.  I can’t believe its been that long!  We meet on the quarters and cross quarters of the Celtic calendar (or the Sunday closest) to honour the Divine Feminine in whichever guise She is taking at the particular time of the year.

I love sitting in circle with women and sharing and caring.  Its a place where you can be honest without fear of judgement or retribution! Its a place for fun and creativity.  In a World so dominated by the constrictions of ‘busyness’ its an oasis of calm and laughter.

Its a place of Healing. In my own case I had a long standing disagreement with a female relative which stubbornly refused to mend.  We both started attending the Group and inevitably we had to come to a place of understanding and forgiveness for that is the True Path of Love.

I love the different faces of the Divine Feminine.  I work closely with the Great Council of Grandmothers as described by Sharon McErlane in her books  “Our Love is Our Power”  and “The Grandmothers speak” www.grandmothersspeak.com These beings are full of common sense and practicality, with an infinite capacity to love and hold us.

Then I see the fiery form and temperament of passionate Goddesses like Pele.  Her volcanic fury of destruction yet also a great place of fertility.  Championing the right to be empowered and transformed by anger

In cultures all over the World there are triple Goddesses usually depicting the 3 stages of  Womanhood-Maiden, Mother and Crone.  These blessed Beings can speak to us throughout our lives-giving us understanding of the Mysteries that we as Women are called to.

Often I pull a card from my Goddess tarot-to give guidelines for a problem or just a energetic clue to the day ahead. Within the group we pledge to honour a particular Goddess between meetings.  To learn about Her, to communicate with Her and in doing so we learn more about ourselves.

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