This too will pass!

How many times have you heard that phrase?  It gets wheeled out everytime something challenging arrives in our lives.  I heard it first many years ago when I was a disciple of Osho.  It was new and fresh then. Now i feel like screaming when I hear it…Yes we know that but it doesn’t help the pain -it doesn’t change anything! Its only when we have moved on and learned our lesson that we can look back and understand the wisdom of those words.

Everything will of course pass-that is the nature of a finite being.  Nothing remains the same.  Our lives are all about change and embracing it when it comes.  Sometimes the transition is easy-sometimes we make it more painful.  So as we move towards the Winter Solstice which is about coming out of Darkness and into the Light, lets celebrate those words for yes ‘this too will Pass’ and for that  we need to be grateful for NOW ‘cos that’s all there really is!

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