I spend a lot of time working with the Divine Feminine, so yesterday, for a different view, I stepped into the World of Dionysian Rites. I attended a workshop led by a lovely lady from California called Marguerite. She reminded us of the balance required-the necessity of the Yin and Yan principle. How so many of us have been wounded by inappropriate male energy and now shy away from them completely. For humanity to be healed we must deal with the Male and Female aspects.

It seems over recent years that the Divine Feminine is really making a comeback. Women all over the World are standing up and walking into their Power. This leaves the Menfolk a little bewildered at best and bitter and angry at worst. So the point of yesterday was to remind us how good and appropriate Male energy, is beneficial for all.

So we sang and danced and we drummed and welcomed Dionysus to our circle. We journeyed to this magnificent Being and he gave us gifts and told us secrets. He filled our hearts with joy and love and reminded us why we love to be women.

During the journey he took me to the Underworld and there I saw ‘Man’ curled up in a ball in the dark dungeon like space. Absolutely desperate for the love of the ‘Mother’ but too caught up in fear to reach out to Her. Hating what he needs the most. I felt so sad to see this and wept. I took this pitiful figure into my arms and just gently held ‘him’ and sang a lullaby. I then heard Dionysus say.”When the Men remember how to Dance the Spiral Dance-then all will be healed.” So clear.

On returning form the Journey I realised that all healing needs to start close to home and was wondering how I could teach the Men (sons) in my life -the Spiral Dance. Knowing them as I do and being 19.21 and 25 I thought the likelihood of them doing ‘Country Dancing’ willingly was zero! So Marguerite suggested that I visualise them doing it and that would be a start. Great idea-so from today I will ‘see’ the Men in my life holding hands and spiralling to connect with the Heart of the Mother and live in hope that one day they will do this willingly together with other men and women and we will be whole and healed as a people. Ho!

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