Sacred Arts Camp

I have just returned from a wonderful 8 days at the Sacred Arts Camp at Brasiers House in Oxfordshire. The camp is run by ‘the people for the the people’. At its centre are the Dances of Universal peace bought to the West by Samuel L Lewis in the late 1960’s.

The Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) are meditative, spiritual practices using the mantras of all world religions to promote peace. The DUP dances, of North American Sufic origin, combine chants from world faiths with dancing, whirling, and a variety of movement with singing.

This camp attracts people from many walks of life and Spiritual beliefs. The camp is laid out in circles with a fire at the centre of each where your ‘family’ share time and food, laughter and tears. It is about the human collective in its highest incarnation-a commune of the heart! For a few short days all differences are put aside and the true light of love and unity with the Oneness becomes manifest. People really care about you and there are many ways to share this wonderful energy.

The Dances are the most important aspect of the camp but there is space for so much more. Singing together and re- discovering our beautiful voices long forgotten or hidden. Meditation and yoga-natural saunas-Latvian style! Ragas and Bhajans, Djembe beats and Bangra dancing. Women’s and Men’s groups…Shamanic sharings and journeys…compost toilets and beautiful warm outdoor showers.

The field where the camp is held is gorgeous-surrounded by ancient trees which boast many nesting pairs of Red Kites who spiral daily over the camp fires showering blessings from Great Spirit to all below.

I came back from this camp re-born and re-juvenated. The camp felt like coming home. Somehow for me the circle has been completed and I can now move forward with a deep knowledge of the intrinsic beauty of humanity when we work, sing, dance and play together for the greater good.

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