Summertime Initiation with the Goddess-Kali

Sitting here at the keyboard on a Sunday morning, looking out the window at grey rain filled skies and contemplating the next step in my training to become a Priestess for the Divine Feminine. This afternoon I will initiate into the 2nd year of the Priestess training-The Second spiral. The training has been fun and moving. As a group of like minded women we have helped each other along the way. There are no rules to the training as many spiritual practices have been lost over the millennia-especially when it comes to the Divine Feminine in our culture. So we journey to re-discover the secrets and share our innate wisdoms.

The Divine Feminine comes in all forms, shapes and sizes-just like us. For me to acknowledge and celebrate the Divine Feminine is really important. In many places She has been forgotten and abused, downtrodden and misunderstood-particularly in the West. Now She is in renaissance -with women and men the world over re-discovering Her beauty and love, Her passion and power. The re-balancing of the Yin Yang energy is happening. The change for humanity is painful and verging on suicidal. These are birth pangs as we get our last chance to ‘understand’ our raison d’etre. The power of each one of us to ‘make a difference’ is increasing with our communication and mass protest on line. It doesn’t have to be War anymore-just the Power of people working together for the greater good. We all have a voice-Our Divine Mother has a voice and now She is singing to all our hearts, compssion, caring, love, One World, One People……..

I put a picture of Kali in this post because it is Her energies that we need to embrace at this time. A death of the ego,the in-appropriate, the out dated and un-necessary and a celebration of the great circle of Life, Death and Re-birth. She can clear the decks and give us hope for a New World that embraces hope She is triumph over Death. In the Mahanirvana-tantra Kali is described as:
At the dissolution of things, it is Kala [Time] Who will devour all, and by reason of this He is called Mahakala [an epithet of Lord Shiva], and since Thou devourest Mahakala Himself, it is Thou who art the Supreme Primordial Kalika. Because Thou devourest Kala, Thou art Kali, the original form of all things, and because Thou art the Origin of and devourest all things Thou art called the Adya [primordial Kali]. Resuming after Dissolution Thine own form, dark and formless, Thou alone remainest as One ineffable and inconceivable. Though having a form, yet art Thou formless; though Thyself without beginning, multiform by the power of Maya, Thou art the Beginning of all, Creatrix, Protectress, and Destructress that Thou art.

The text below comes from I tried to put a link in but was unable to so I just copied and pasted. Its an excellent site.

Kali comes from the Sanskrit root word Kal which means time. There is nothing that escapes the all-consuming march of time. In Tibetan Buddhism Her counterpart is male with the name Kala. Mother Kali is the most misunderstood of the Hindu goddesses. The Encyclopedia Britannica is grossly mistaken in the following quote, “Major Hindu goddess whose iconography, cult, and mythology commonly associate her with death, sexuality, violence, and, paradoxically in some of her later historical appearances, motherly love.”

It is partly correct to say Kali is a goddess of death but She brings the death of the ego as the illusory self-centered view of reality. Nowhere in the Hindu stories is She seen killing anything but demons nor is She associated specifically with the process of human dying like the Hindu god Yama (who really is the god of death). It is true that both Kali and Shiva are said to inhabit cremation grounds and devotees often go to these places to meditate. This is not to worship death but rather it is to overcome the I-am-the-body idea by reinforcing the awareness that the body is a temporary condition. Shiva and Kali are said to inhabit these places because it is our attachment to the body that gives rise to the ego. Shiva and Kali grant liberation by removing the illusion of the ego. Thus we are the eternal I AM and not the body. This is underscored by the scene of the cremation grounds.

Of all the forms of Devi, She is the most compassionate because She provides moksha or liberation to Her children. She is the counterpart of Shiva the destroyer. They are the destroyers of unreality. The ego sees Mother Kali and trembles with fear because the ego sees in Her its own eventual demise. A person who is attached to his or her ego will not be receptive to Mother Kali and she will appear in a fearsome form. A mature soul who engages in spiritual practice to remove the illusion of the ego sees Mother Kali as very sweet, affectionate, and overflowing with incomprehensible love for Her children.

Ma Kali wears a garland of skulls and a skirt of dismembered arms because the ego arises out of identification with the body. In truth we are beings of spirit and not flesh. So liberation can only proceed when our attachment to the body ends. Thus the garland and skirt are trophies worn by Her to symbolize having liberated Her children from attachment to the limited body. She holds a sword and a freshly severed head dripping blood. As the story goes, this represents a great battle in which she destroyed the demon Raktabija. Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum unmanifest from which all of creation arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve. She is depicted as standing on Shiva who lays beneath Her with white skin (in contrast to Her black or sometimes dark blue skin). He has a blissful detached look. Shiva represents pure formless awareness sat-chit-ananda (being-consciousness-bliss) while She represents “form” eternally supported by the substratum of pure awareness.

By not understanding the story behind Mother Kali it is easy to misinterpret Her iconography. In the same way one could say that Christianity is a religion of death, destruction and cannibalism in which the practitioners drink the blood of Jesus and eat his flesh. Of course, we know this is not the proper understanding of the communion ritual.

Attaching the idea of sexuality to Mother Kali has no basis in Her at all. There is nothing that associates Her with sexuality in the Hindu stories. In fact it is just the opposite. She is one of the few Goddesses who is celibate practicing austerity and renunciation!

The notion that She is the goddess of death, sex and violence is simply utter nonsense. When we study the life of the great saint Ramakrishna or the great poet saint Ramprasad (both famous Kali worshippers), or listen to the traditional Hindu devotional songs to Kali, there is no hint of this death-sex-violence notion. This can also be confirmed by going to any of the Hindu websites such as and reading about Mother Kali. Also recommended is the book Kali: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar, by Elizabeth Harding. Also there is a beautiful and genuine Kali temple in Laguna Beach, California and it may be visited on-line at Kali is the goddess of enlightenment or liberation.

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