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Further news from Glastonbury and the Holy Thorn

Dear Friends,

I am sure the information below in the forwarded email from Philippa Glasson
will reassure you that the Holy Thorn will be with us for some time longer,
at least. Philippa sought confirmation from various local sources and
obtained a clearer picture. My thanks to you, Philippa.

I think this episode underlines the need for vigilence. The information flow
regarding the Holy Thorn had gone quiet, but this does not mean that our
concern had evaporated too. In the midst of this vacuum, John Coles acting
at his own behest, communicated his well known views regarding forms of
worship at the tree and was apparently also misquoted. This only suceeded in
creating confusion and alarm.

I feel our vigilence should be in support of clarity, though some may feel
it should be in support of idealogy. All of us wish I am sure that we could
erect an infalible wall of protection around the tree that keeps it safe
from malicious or thoughtless action. I spent an hour with the Thorn Tree
last night (Equinox) for the first time since the misquotations occurred. I
can confirm that two small sprigs of life remain, and I can see that one
larger, longer, very promising sprig and perhaps other sprigs have been
removed. I can also confirm that all the ribbons that adorn the railings
around the tree had been removed. A false impression is given that the
ribbons are themselves tied around the actual trunk, but they very rarely

The tree’s energy felt still, peaceful, present and of great simplicity. Can
I say that it seemed “At one with itself”. Within that still beingness was a
strong sense of compassionate connection with the tree’s “children”, the
town and townspeople. The tree loves us (all of us), just as much as we love
it, though it is not limited by any aspects of attachment.

To our eyes the tree seems vulnerable. With our human love engaged we
perceive fragility and this can make reaction flare up in apparent support
of what we believe to be our emblem of particular spirituality. However, the
tree is a very special Healer and Teacher because it is, within its own
physical and energectic make-up, a perfect synthesis. It is fully faerie, a
dryad, a tree spirit in all the ways we know Hawthorne to be. It has also
wrought within it a genuine lineaage arising form its ancient exchange with
the Christ Energy. This means it can connect with everyone who approaches
it. Over the years it has communicated with me at different frequencies,
according to “where I was at”. I have met with the wild Faerie, but also the
Christ Energy within it. This means that people of particular faiths do have
very powerful experiences of the tree and initially feel that is speaks to
them through, and therefore upholds their own, belief system. You can
understand how the partisan conflicts arise. But if we are all experiencing
the same depth of connection, then none of us are wrong or right and we have
a space to lever open the doors of consciousness beyond dogma.

On Equinox night, the time of perfect balance between light and dark, the
tree reminded me that it embodies many perfect balances. It showed me that
it has a very strong celestial connection too. It conducts energy both ways,
from Earth to stars and from stars to Earth. If the spirit of the tree ever
leaves the trunk, it will not be homeless, it even has a home amongst the

The tree is less vulnerable than we fear. It is at one with its own being
and purpose. However, I do ask as always that we pray for the undisturbed
unfolding of its own divine purpose, whatever that may be. It’s physical
future is still uncertain, and you could say that, whether through harmful
acts, or the tree’s inner “choosing”, its life “hangs in the balance” at
Equinox. Let’s take the drama out of “hangs in the balance” and say instead
that the tree is in perfect balance, with itself, with us and with this
extraordinary time and place.

Remember, we too are “less vulnerable than we fear”. Let us pray to for the
“undisturbed unfolding of divine purpose” in our own lives. Our physical
future feels uncertain, whether because of chaotic forces outside us or
because of doubts and confusion within. Yet we have a home here amongst the
stars and the vast cosmic energies. The tree is us and we are the tree. It
is offering us so much right now. And it will do what it needs to do, to
give us the most powerful teaching and healing of all. I trust the tree,
whatever happens.

I also pray that every opportunity for communication within Glastonbury’s
spiritual communities is nurtured, so that we may find ways of lifting
confusion and creating awareness and peace.

Love and blessings to all and thanks again to Philippa,

Rosemary xxx

Holy Thorn Update

Here is a copy of an email I rec’d from my friend Rosemary in Glastonbury.

Dear Friends,

Yesterday it was announced through the Daily Mail website and the Western Daily
Press that the Holy Thorn Tree on Wearyall Hill would be removed. Former Mayor John
Coles said this is because the sprigs of new life have been taken by
“Trophy-Hunters” and the implication was that the tree had not made enough progress
to survive the Winter. It was not made clear if this decision came as a result of
expert advice. Other references were made to beer and honey offerings and the
practice of ribbon tieing having disadvantaged the health of the tree. It was also
said that a graft taken and nurtured by experts at Kew would be planted near the
site to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

I am aware that some of these comments perpetuate the notion that people who honour
the tree with their love in ancient ways are somehow foolishly misguided at best and
threaten the life of the tree. At this point it is important to re-iterate that
no-one knows the true nature or intent or the person / people who caused the
original damage or those who have apparently taken away the new sprigs of life. Many
of us could make assumptions and cast aspersions in all sorts of directions, but we
simply do not know the truth and we might never know. Spirit does not alway grant
certainty in these matters and maybe that is for a reason.

The news of the tree’s removal will shock and upset many, opening the wounds that we
were beginning to hope had been healed, but I ask you to try and also stay open to
the bigger picture, or at least to a bigger picture.

I have to recall something that the tree said to me on 23rd April this year, Easter
Saturday. I went up to see the tree at dusk, wanting to see how the new green sprig
that had emerged in March was progressing. In the twilight I peered and peered, but
could no longer be sure that it was there. This felt strange, because i knew exactly
where to look for reassurance but it seemed to be gone.

I heard the tree say:

Serve and Be Free
Be Free
Even of Me.

These words and the thought of the sprig no longer being there triggered some
premature tears of loss. I did no want to be free of the tree. I wanted to hold onto
it. This was heightened by my own healing work at the time, when I was considering
the possibility of giving up something that was very dear to me. I did not fully
understand at the time that a wounded part of me was putting barriers in the way of
being able to love even more profoundly.

It was however clear that the tree works beyond the realm of personal attachment. I
felt it was a message about serving the spirit and the heart in order to be truly
liberated in this life, even to the point of letting go of the dearest things,
teachers, people and loves. We are not necessarily here to serve the physical tree,
though all sacred life deserves our love and protection. We are here to liberate our
hearts and spirits and the tree supports this end in us.

I spoke briefly with a friend yesterday who had recently experienced a similar
perceptual oddity with the Holy Thorn. She was walking with her husband and looked
in the direction of the tree and heard herself say, “Oh, the tree is no longer
there”. Her husband replied “yes it is” and she had to do a double take. So she too
has foreseen a possible time when the tree as we know it may not exist.

Yesterday I connected with the tree and these were the impressions it conveyed:

Do not be constrained by matter. A human can sacrifice their own flesh and send the
power of love back into the world because of it. A tree can sacrifice its body and
do the same thing.

Do not be constarined by worship at particular altars, whether in a church or in a
forest. Your heart is the living altar.

This is the time to dissolve the physical and spiritual barriers. The barriers of
dogma and separation. This is the time of clearing and shedding before we can truly

Come together over my body and let the barriers slip away. Feel love take hold in
the place of loss. The place of loss is where you let go of your wounds, because
they no longer serve. Become the love beyond the wound and become the living altar
of the heart.

I will help you grieve and shed. I can offer myself to that communal process. I will
help you pass through the fear of death and more deeply into love and
reconciliation. Reconcilation beyond your wounds and beyond those you believe
inflicted them. Reconciliation even with those things once felt contrary, alien,

When the tree was attacked in December, we were sharply reminded of the things that
feel really important to us and the things that we believe we cannot to without. Yet
the tree also recognises itself as skin and matter and seems to want to assist us in
getting beyond the barriers to being.

The tree seems to offer itself as a symbol of this, at a time when we know we must
reconcile ourselves to letting go of ways of thinking and living that are
unsustainable. At some point we must embrace the coming of a new age when we will
simply not be allowed to hold on the the past, the old ways, the familair comforts,
and even the once reilable forms of spiritual reassurance. To do this we need to be
unshakable in the heart. The tree may go in order to help us focus on the inner and
the prospect of the new age.

As always I ask you to send love to the tree, and only energy that supports the
unfolding of its own divine purpose, whatever that may be, not our purposes and not
our transmission of fear. What a sacred, sacred being we have been blessed to know.
Please stay open to everyhting it may teach you at this time. Please find your own
meanings, which will be far more powerful and healing to you than any I offer.

On a more worldly level, I also think it is right to correct untruths that come
about through fear and ignorance and the political selectivity of information. But
this has do be done impeccably, with love and wisdom, not only with power.

There was no indication of a consultation process being offered. If the tree is
indeed to be removed, let us lobby for a ceremony that includes all, honours it and
prepares it for change, as a kindness to its still living spirit. My strongest
concern is that removal may be done without respect or without appropriate ritual
that will help us to grieve fruitfully and connect with the healing opportunity the
Holy Thorn appears to offer us.

Of ousre, this email maby be pre-emptory, even now we do not know exactly what will
happen, but please let this serve as guidance that may assist you, whatever the

Let us imagine that we can embrace the new, the fresh, the untested and untried, the
potentially new version of our beloved tree. Let us also imagine this, in a very
profound way, for ourselves and our own tranformational potential in the heart

Love and blessings

from Rosemary

The Tortuguero Monument 6 and the Mayan end date.

Here is a very interesting article.

The Tortuguero Monument 6 and the Mayan end date.

When I started my independent research on the Mayan calendar late in 1993 not a single inscription from the ancient Maya was actually known which would describe what would happen at its so-called end date. All that was known were the various descriptions of the beginning date of the Long Count, notably in the inscriptions in Palenque, which said that the First Father then “erected the World Tree”. Irrespective of this dearth of information, I started to develop my theory about the nine levels of evolution, the nine underworlds, and the various days and nights that generated their wave movements. I simply assumed that the significant Mayan pyramids had been built in nine steps because they were symbolic of nine levels of creation, each effected by seven days, or seven creation gods. I then found that with such a model an enormous amount of historical facts started to make sense if they were seen as results of cosmic energy shifts. This however could be seen to be true only if the nine levels all ended at the same time, similarly to how some of the Mayan pyramids had a straight back. It thus seemed obvious that the understanding of such energy shifts must have been the basis of the prophetic tradition of the Maya. This was of course not how traditional Mayanism saw it, which essentially treated the calendar and the various deities associated with it as superstitions. Yet, I came from a different scientific tradition, and was primarily interested in if the Mayan time cycles and deities were true reflections of reality. In the beginning of my scientific carreer in the seventies I had thus been mentored by a member of the Nobel committes in Stockholm and had then at least indirectly seen how science operates from what arguably is its highest level. This meant among other things zero tolerance for making up theories from “beliefs” without empirical facts to back them up and constant emphasis on experimental reality checks. At least professionally this has remained my mind set ever since and the fact that some people believe that Jesus was born on December 25 or that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21 does not constitute proof for me that this is actually the case.

The idea that there were as many as nine Underworlds was for a long time criticized by some who said that there was only one cycle of a longer duration in the Mayan calendar system, namely the 5,125 year Long Count. Yet, already then there were some indications that the Maya had recognized nine steps of evolution. It was for instance known that the Long Count was sometimes referred to as ruled by the Six-Sky-Lord, indicating that it was the sixth level, and that there were names for time periods beginning with that of the first of the nine levels, the hablatun. Based on these indications of nine levels I proposed my theory since it could be empirically substantiated from human history even though some thought that it was not orthodox enough. Somewhat later, in 1996, Mayanists however started to decipher Monument 6 in Tortuguero, only some 50 kilometers west of Palenque, which would further strengthen my model of nine levels of evolution. For the first time an inscription was found that seemed to refer to what would happen at the end date at least from the perspective of a Mayan king around AD 670.

The text segment describing the descent of
the Bolon Yookte from the Tortuguero monument 6.
Drawing by Sven Gronemeyer.

More broadly this inscription only gained attention in 2006 and its final text according to David Stuart, who is an expert on Mayan glyphs, reads essentially like this: Tzuhtz-(a)j-oom u(y)-uxlajuun pik (ta) Chan Ajaw ux(-te’) Uniiw. Uht-oom ? Y-em(al)?? Bolon Yookte’ K’uh ta?

or translated to English: “The Thirteenth ‘Bak’tun” will be finished (on) Four Ajaw, the Third of Uniiw (K’ank’in). ? will occur. (It will be) the descent(??) of the Nine Support? God(s) to the ?. ”

As is common with such ancient inscriptions they may be difficult to read partly because the glyphs are effaced (which is the case here) and partly because the meanings of the glyphs are not unambiguous. The critical part from our perspective is the deities (or deity) called Bolon Yookte, who at the end date would “descend.” To understand how to interpret this I think it is important to know two things about ancient Mayan deities. The first is that they were not as personalized as for instance Roman or Nordic deities, who were perceived to act more or less as individuals. A Mayan (or Aztec) deity instead typically symbolized a cosmic force associated with a time period and the mythologies of these peoples really describe fairly high level impersonal cosmic relationships. Hence, we know how the ancient day-signs were carried by daybearers, deities that were associated with particular days. Time periods, gods and day-signs were thus more or less interchangeable and it depended on the context how they would be expressed. The second thing to know is that these deities could easily split into several different deities and vice versa depending on whether the context called for the whole or its parts to be expressed. This is almost certainly the case with Bolon Yookte, which can be seen as a whole deity with nine parts or as nine parts constituting a whole. Bolon Yookte is at the same time a whole and its nine parts because Mayan cosmology is essentially holistic and looks upon everything in creation as connected.

John Major Jenkins in 2006 wrote an important and interesting article about the Bolon Yookte: Comments on the 2012 text on Tortuguero Monument 6 and Bolon Yookte Ku,, where he summarizes epigraphic information about this deity called Bolon Yookte, which according to the abovementioned inscription will descend at the Mayan end date. Among other things he cites an article by Gillespie and Joyce that states that Bolon Yookte was called “the God of the Nine Steps” and also that this was a deity that was present already at the beginning of creation as can be seen from the famous Vase of the Seven Lords. He also cites Eberl and Prager, who said that the Bolon Yookte was associated with the underworld, wars and conflict. Really what this is telling us is that the structure of Nine Steps of evolution, Nine Underworlds, has existed from the very beginning of creation, what we in modern terminology would call the Big Bang. The Tortuguero Monument 6, and Jenkins study of their meaning, thus provides a perfect verification of the theory I proposed fifteen years ago. The Bolon Yookte are the Nine levels of evolution carried out by the nine underworlds. These nine Underworlds are then obviously also associated with the Seven Lords of Creation (the seven DAYS) as can be seen from the famous Mayan vase. Moreover, as we know from history, all of these Underworlds are associated with conflicts and wars, since shifts in cosmic energies generate shifting balances of power and as a result, warfare. To me, the relationships between these Mayan deities provide a model of evolution that has been verified by massive empirical evidence. Because of this connection to reality this is crucial information for humanity at the present time and not mere mythical relationships.

What this inscription means is that on the end date there is not just one cosmic power that will manifest, but Nine and that these were symbolized by a Nine-Step pyramid that was Bolon Yookte – The God of Nine Steps. It is also clear from Jenkins’ article that Bolon Yookte was associated with the World Tree, which especially my forthcoming book The Purposeful Universe will demonstrate as the source of all creation – not as a myth, but as a reality. In light of the Tortuguero monument I feel the model of Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens can only be denied by someone, who completely ignores not only the actual Mayan inscriptions, but also the massive empirical evidence of how the Mayan calendar system is connected to reality. If instead this body of evidence is recognized it is however easy to see how in their mythology the Maya would interchange deities, time periods and cosmic energies in a way that can now help us make sense of evolution and how it has played out in biological and historical reality.

The Bolon Yookte, the Nine-step God with its Nine Underworlds, as this is symbolized by the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal. The Nine Underworlds will all be completed, “the Bolon Yookte will descend”, at the same time and to symbolize this synchronistic event the pyramid has a straight back. Photograph by the author.

The verification from the Tortuguero monument that the ancient Maya looked upon the end of creation as the simultaneous descent of Nine different deities, or manifestation of nine cosmic forces, is however very timely as we are now on the eighth level of evolution and soon about to climb up one step to the ninth level, the Universal Underworld. It is not an exaggeration to say that for many people now their future will directly depend on knowing exactly how the energies of these nine levels will be playing out. Today it is thus crucial to know about this basic structure of evolution, Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens, and the exact timing of activation of the different wave movements of creation. That nine deities will descend (nine cosmic forces manifest) simultaneously at the end date is thus no longer an unorthodox idea, but instead the only meaningful explanation that can be given to Tortuguero monument 6. What this means is also that the Bolon Yookte mentioned at the Tortuguero monument is not about a single event occurring only at a specific date. It is instead about nine different wave movements, each generated by the Seven Lords of Creation (the seven days in each Underworld) going back to the beginning of the universe (the Big Bang) when, as Jenkins also points out, Bolon Yookte was already present. Thus, any viable theory about the meaning of the Mayan calendar needs to be able to account for such long term evolutionary processes, spanning up to 16.4 billion years. As a consequence, serious researchers need to take their focus off from what might happen on a single day, the end date, since this can only be understood in a much larger context. From this perspective it is thus a problem that especially many American “experts on 2012”, along the lines of the upcoming Hollywood movie 2012, have committed themselves to some physical event that they associate with the singular December 21, 2012 date, such as a pole shift, a galactic alignment, a volcanic eruption, an asteroid impact, a solar flare or some other (usually not very well-founded) idea of what may happen on this particular day. Given the total unreasonableness of such ideas, especially in light of the Tortuguero monument, is it not time that they instead start considering an evolutionary model for the Mayan calendar that is consistent with this monument? “2012” has for too long been a playground for pseudo-science and the many unfounded “singular day” ideas blur the fact that the end scenario of the Mayan calendar is really about a socio-economic transformation resulting from processes influencing human consciousness. It is thus about the human beings themselves and how we co-create the birth of a new world and not about any geological or astronomical event that we only would be observers of anyway.

There is of course a reason that, as I pointed out before, no one advocating the October 28, 2011 end date has ever advocated or been lured into advocating that this date would be “the end of the world.” This is that this date emanates organically from an evolutionary process and is not associated with any real or purported physical or astronomical event. It is simply the day when the universe after nine major quantum steps, starting with the beginning of the universe, attains its highest energy state and there is no logical reason that this would mean the end of the world. It is just an evolutionary completion point when Bolon Yookte fully descends. When it comes to the many events that have been purported to be associated with the singular December 21, 2012 date on the other hand it is not surprising that they invite speculations about the end of the world. If you for instance propose that this end date is about a pole shift or a giant burst of gamma rays from the galactic center, why should people not believe that this could be the end of the world? To propose physical events is like asking for the mainstream media to create fear and hopelessness around the real transformation that is about to occur.

I thus believe it will be people at large that will suffer most from the neglect of the understanding we may gain from the ancient Maya, which as we have seen speaks about the fulfilment of a composite of nine evolutionary forces, the Bolon Yookte Ku, and not what happens on a single day. Because of all the confusing information focusing on December 21, 2012 that is already out there I feel however that people will start to align with the true end date of October 28, 2011, not because they realize that the energetic end date logically must be 13 Ajaw or that the 4 Ajaw end date was the result of politics much like the placing of the birth of Jesus at December 25 by the Christian Church. People are instead likely to come to accept the October 28, 2011 date in practice simply because they will not be able to deny the actual wave movement of energies that they themselves are experiencing, especially in the socio-economic realm. Yet, for those seeking to consciously co-create the birth of a new world a knowledge of how the cosmic energies lead up to the October 28, 2011 date will be instrumental, simply because without it no understanding of how the new world will be born, and how this is timed, will be possible. Hence, the activation of these energies, and their preparatory phases in the Galactic and Universal Underworlds will, as always, take place according to a very precise relative timing until the Bolon Yookte, the nine underworlds, will “descend”, manifest fully, and create the foundation for a millennium of peace – the end of the Shift of the Ages.

Seattle, August 19, 2009 (6 Ajaw)
Carl Johan Calleman

Shamanic Drum Making and Sacred Sweatlodge

Using traditional methods and natural materials, birth your own drum, seeking guidance from the Animal Spirit World to create your own drum being. Dedicate and honour your creation in the arms of Mother Earth within our Sacred Sweatlodge.

The workshop takes place at YogaNature Wootton Canterbury Kent over the weekend 22-23rd October-no previous Shamanic expereince necessary.