The Shamanic Dance of Life-Training in Ancient Healing Practices

Shamanicplanet and The Sacred Sweat Lodge
are offering a Shamanic Practitioners Training starting next year.

The training in Kent takes place on 8 weekends over a year and is available to Men and Women as we work to harmonise the energies of these challenging times. The course includes, personal spiritual practice and soul level healing, Shamanic Healing Techniques including Past Life Regression, Extraction and Soul Retrieval, Totem and Power Animal Work, sweat lodge teachings (how to build and maintain a sweat, fire keep and sweat protocols and ceremony-)and a drum making weekend, tutorials and support. The weekends costs £100- sweat lodge weekends £135 and the drum making – £285. Completion of 8 required modules is necessary to graduate as a Foundation Level Shamanic Practitioner. You will be asked to carry out case studies and ‘homework’ throughout the training. On successful completion of the Foundation year you will be offered a further two years in depth training to complete your ‘Masters’

To be considered for this training we ask you to contact us with
your reasons for wishing to undertake the training, your previous
experience of healing including qualifications and any Shamanic practices or knowledge that you might have. If accepted you will be asked to fill out medical and disclaimer forms.

Please note- So many people make the spurious claim these days to be a Shaman. We work shamanically and accesses information from the Spirit Worlds using shamanic techniques but that does not make us Shamen. Traditional Shaman skills are often handed down within a family or close community. In the Andes, being struck by lightening seems to be a fairly common way of initiation! In the West we have lost our tradition so we can attempt to retrieve and rebirth these lost arts for our community. We use the tools that Shamen and other teachers have taught us and work for the harmonising of individuals and humanity through our workshops and therapies. We are human and fallible, we don’t have all the answers .

If you’d like anymore information please don’t hesitate to call or email.
My number is 07809722097.

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