Working Shamanically with Addiction issues

I was talking with a friend today about alcoholism and addiction in general. As a Shamanic Practitioner I often work with people who have addiction issues. I told my friend that when working shamanically with addictions we first need to meet the Spirit of the Addiction be it alcohol or heroin, tobacco or cocaine. She said that the Spirit of alcohol must be the Devil. I had to disagree because for every negative aspect of a drug there is always a balance of good.

Our ancestors used alcohol as a way to have clean liquid to drink so they could avoid cholera and other water borne diseases. Smallbeer was a very dilute alcoholic drink that was even drunk by children. It is a very powerful antiseptic. Cocaine in its natural form-Coca leaves is an important aid to oxygen absorption at high altitude and consequently is served as tea and chewed all the time in the High Andes. Tobacco is a prayer plant used by Native American cultures to carry their prayers to heaven….Opium is a magnificent pain killer and helps many folks.

Its not the Spirit Being of that substance that is wrong but the way we misuse and dis-respect it. So the 1st step for us to take is to meet the Spirit of whichever addiction is troubling us and apologise. Learn to get in a ‘right’ relationship with it. Discover why we have misused this and rectify and make amends with ourselves, the Spirit Being and anyone else we may have hurt during our misuse.

We can communicate with ‘man-made’ substances too. I have worked with tranquillser addiction and never cease to be amazed at the Spirit form of these drugs.

There is an interesting article in the latest Sacred Hoop magazine about one person’s experience of working with tranquilisers in a Shamanic way. The person in question didn’t have addiction issues but interesting none the less.

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