Kurikindi-Golden Hummingbird-workshop near Deal Kent 24th October 2015

I spent an amazing weekend in the company of Kurikindi-an indigenous amazonian shaman. He ran a workshop at www.shamanka.com to share with us his vision for the future. He feels that the storm clouds are gathering and we need to prepare ourselves for the last battle. We need to stand up and be counted as warriors of the light and do whatever we can to save humanity and Pachamamas other children.

The secret is munay-love-its is the only way to defeat the powers of darkness. He has battled against the petro-chem companies who eventually triumphed and took his family’s land and wrecked and poisoned it. He is classed as a criminal in his own country although he committed no crime. His heart is full of sorrow for the destruction of the rain forest but his light shines brighter-he is undefeated. He said that all the troubles in his homeland have bought him here to England and he trusts that maybe from here in the West he can make more of a difference than being at home.

He asks that we all let go of our negative feelings to what is happening and send love and compassion to the perpetrators of the rape of the world. We look to ourselves to be ‘clear and clean’ in our dealing with ourselves and others. Let go of negativity within ourselves and don’t allow the media to cloud our hearts with hate and fear. Keep ourselves energetically pure by releasing our own anxieties, jealousies, hatreds in a conscious way. Pacha Mama can receive this heavy energy (jucha) and if given in gratitude for the lessons we learned from it She will transform it to pure light energy-Sami.

Now is the time.mari&patricio-1258-1 face close

He is offering a one day workshop near Deal in Kent on 24th October 2015.  For further info contact seersha@sky.com

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