13 Moons

antlers antlers 2 antlers3 antlers5 antlers6 antlers9

I went to an amazing festival back in September which I am only getting round to telling you about now! I am so remiss with this blog stuff-so many other things in my life take priority.
The festival was on Dartmoor and hosted by Carolyn Hillyer. It was a women only festival. So we sang and dance and laughed and sang and danced some more! As you can see in the photos we made Deer antlers out of willow and spent a lot of time with The Ellen of the Ways girls down in the woods. The Ancestors roundhouse was also well attended by us. It was a weekend of re-connection and meeting new friends-meditating and learning new skills. But what I will remember the most is the amazing company of women and how much I laughed!

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