Drum Birthing Workshop 14th ~ 15th May 2016

Birthing a Drum 14th~15th May 2016



You will create, decorate and empower your own magical drum and beater. Journey to discover the Spirit and name of your drum. Honour, name and celebrate its creation with a Fire Ceremony. An enjoyable, sociable creative weekend for all. No previous creative skills required. All materials provided.

‘Much of the Art of Drum Making cannot be spoken-it is about tapping into our creative centres,  contacting Spirit and bringing into being what we are given.  Drums are a Shamans /Shamankas most important tool.  When he/she makes their own it is  a birthing process-a moment of conception; when the seed of the idea meets materials gifted by Mother Earth.  A gestation- as the process unfolds. A birth as the drum is completed and then honoured and named in Ceremony.

Their drum becomes their companion, their most powerful ally and teacher. If cared for it will mature and grow old with them.  When the Shaman/Shamanka walks the Rainbow Bridge the Drum Spirit will go with them, keeping rhythm for the next dance.’

I feel that this is true.  The Drum Spirits are really needed now.  They beat for the healing of Mother Earth-they beat for our own illumination-they beat for joy and sorrow-they beat for celebration and ceremony-they beat for cleansing and clearing-they beat for us.Image of Shamanka women with their drums
This weekend offers you the opportunity to birth your own drum-calling its Spirit and weaving its soul. With the chance to dedicate and name the drum during a Fire CeremonySacred Fire

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