Shamanic Drumming circle Saturday 2oth Feb 4.30pm @Sea Cafe Walmer Green Deal Kent

For ages now I have been thinking of setting up a local shamanic drumming circle and in this new year of the Monkey felt the time had come to actually DO IT!  So this Saturday, our lovely friend Peter is opening his space at the Sea Cafe on Walmer Green for us to join in circle to chant and drum.

Drumming in circles is so good for us.  Re-connecting with our community and the world around us.  Drumming is also one of those rare physical activities that can have both profound and subtle effects on the entire person.

  • Improved aerobic and cardiovascular system;
  • Strengthened immune system;
  • Improved mood and reduced burnout of workers under stress;
  • Reversed ravages of stress at the cellular level;
  • Reduced anxiety, depression and feelings of loneliness.


Playing on a drum doesn’t feel like exercise but it is!  Exercise for the body, mind and soul.  Its good for you but also really good for Mother Earth.  How’s that?  Well when we were taught to make drums by Patrick Pinson of Cedar Mountain Drums in Oregon he told us his story.  It was an amazing story of a battle against alcoholism and how the Drum Spirit had saved him in the end and he made a promise that every drum he made and every person he taught to make drums would every time they played their drum do it with the intention of healing, gratitude and love to the Great Mother.  How empowering that is!  Drumming with intention and love and compassion turns it from just physical exercise into something more, much more.


So if you’re in the neighbourhood come and join us 2oth Feb 2016 @ 4.30pm. We hope to make this a monthly gathering.  If you have a drum bring it-otherwise we have some to share. Cost £5 Refreshments available.   clip_image002



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  1. Do you plan to hold anymore drumming sessions in Deal

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