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Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is sacred.  It is an understanding of the Universe.  There are many different interpretations of its mystery.  You may have come across Native American wheels but there are also wheels for the Celtic tradition, the Inka Path and the Nordic. These wheels work with the elements, animals and energies appropriate to each area.

Some like the Celtic wheel are a modern invention with no evidence of them being used here at all.  However that doesn’t matter because a Wheel is a wonderful tool and as with much ‘Shamanic’ and energy work it is all about the intention.  We create our own reality and as long as we proceed with compassion and awareness, no harm can come.

Many years ago we used to belong to a Historical Re-enactment group.  It was great fun, particularly when the boys were young, it gave us an excuse to run around dressed as Celts, the lads would fight with wooden swords that they had made themselves (with Dad’s help), sit round fires and party.  Within the Re-enactment movement there is a distinct schism – the ‘Itchy-Scratchies’ and the others.  The Itchy-Scratchies were so dedicated to getting it ‘right’ they they would even wear stuff that was blatantly un-comfortable ( sacking shirts and undergarments) just because that’s how it used to be!  The others took the , I say, more practical route and did what they could with more modern materials.  Whether my boys learned anything about ‘Celtic’ society I doubt but they did learn to share and use their imagination and have fun without the input of technology. More to the point ‘Itchy scratchy’ is a term that fits a lot of what happens in the alternative world. Sometimes I get the feeling that some groups are ‘judgemental’ in their holiness.

Just because the Celts didn’t have a Medicine Wheel doesn’t mean that as their descendants we can’t.  It is such a useful tool for understanding about ourselves and the Universes we live in.  We can learn from the past but it is always important to place our knowledge in the context of now.

In many cultures the directions have a Sacred significance.  In Christianity churches are usually built with an awareness of North South East and West.  Below is a link to an interesting page on Sacred Geometry

If you decide to construct a wheel for yourself then you will have great fun determining whats right for you.  You can read books and get clues how other societies delineate the construction but I feel it is more appropriate to work it out for yourself.  See what feels right for you.  You can build a large one in the garden or one the size of a tray for indoor use.  Its fun and when completed and treated in an appropriate manner it will help you  deal with many of Life’s challenges-giving you guidance to your state of being and your place within Existence.

I will write about how to build one later.

Another month passes

Unbelievably another month has gone-but this was a month of pain and sorrow. This month has taken me to places I’d rather not visit- a deeply challenging time when the only way forward was prayer. A confrontation with demons-an acknowledgment of weakness. A realisation of being the unhealed healer. “Drowning-not waving”. A massive lesson in letting go-watching a loved one move towards self destruction and being unable to help. Witnessing the de-construction of a being into paranoia, delusion and mania. Keep breathing, keep praying. In the end it’s all we can do. Put our trust in the Divine

Wir habt trummeln gebaut!

I can’t believe its a month since my last entry.  Busy times!

Anna and I went to Hamburg recently to run a drum making workshop.  We were working with our  Shamanka sister Monika, who lives and facilitates a Shamanic group on the outskirts of the City.

The flight from Gatwick was uneventful and we arrived at Monika’s late in the evening.  Next day we went to the garden where the workshop would take place.  Soaked the hides and set up a Medicine Wheel.  We prepared ourselves for the weekend.  The weather forecast was dismal so there were tents and a Gazebo erected in preparation for the coming downpours.

The group were concerned that we would have communication problems.  However with my pigeon German,  Monika’s good English and plenty of body language we managed easily!

Much of the Art of Drum Making cannot be spoken-it is about tapping into our creative centres,  contacting Spirit and bringing into being what we are given.  Drums are a Shamankas most important tool.  When she makes her own it is  a birthing process-a moment of conception when the seed of the idea meets materials given by Mother Earth.  A gestation- as the process unfolds. A birth as the drum is completed and then honoured and named in Ceremony.  Her drum becomes her companion, her most powerful ally and teacher.

If cared for it will mature and grow old with her.  When the Shamanka Sister walks the Rainbow bridge the Drum Spirit will go with her- keeping rhythm for the next dance.

A lot of photos were taken in Germany and I am waiting to receive a disc with them on.  As soon as I do I will post some here.

Drum Making Weekend and Sweat Lodge

The Weather Spirits smiled on us this weekend.  A gathering of wonderful women sat in circle in the beautiful Autumn air.  The wind blew gently and the Buzzards caught the thermals as they circled, keening, overhead. This was our weekend for creating drums.  Calling them into being-working with the animal spirits.

As part of the Shamanka Shamanic Practitioner course we strongly encourage our women to make their own drums.  As a  Shamanic Practitioner your drum is probably your most important tool.  It is multi-functional.  The drum can be used for clensing, for healing, for diagnosing and journeying.  Played together they are inspirational and transformational on a personal and global scale.

So together we journeyed to the Spirit of the animal who gifted their hide for the purpose of Drum making.  We asked permission from them to continue the process and what intention they would like the drum to be create for.

Then the journey of creation began.  Feeling the hides and deciding where the drum would be cut from-sometimes having to negotiate with others working on the same hide.  Feeling the energy of the hoops to discover the right one for you and your drum. (Thanks to Young Bear for making the hoops). Measuring and drawing the circle, then taking the first cut-no room for mistakes-with clarity and confidence.  Punching the holes and finally cutting the laces-long enough to wind around your drum 10 times in a continuous strip, being aware of the places the hide is thinner or thicker. Then the slow and meticulous process of threading your drum with awareness and as you weave the laces you weave in the intention of the drums purpose.

When the drum is completed, a beater is made.  Quest for the wood for the handle-call to the trees.  When all is done then an opportunity to decorate both Drum and beater and to introduce one to the other.

A last journey for the name of the new drum being and then to the Sweat Lodge for prayer and an opportunity to dedicate and honour the fruit of your hands and the bounty of Mother Earth and all Her Children.  We are so blessed.

Day of Ceremony

Next Friday I am going down to Stonehenge to join with other women in a day of ceremony and celebration.

We will greet the dawn at Stonehenge, within the great circle of stones…..Ancient Ones….

Then moving on to Avebury Circle…..sisters with sisters…..

Ending up at West Kennet Long Barrow for communion with my Ancestors

Blessed Be!


I am usually pretty good at understanding the meaning of dreams-often for myself but other folks also ask for my insight.   However now I am asking you.  Last night I had a dream and I wonder if anyone has any insights for me:

Had an emotional dream last night- I was visiting a large communal place. When I dream of these places I know this is an important dream. I was with quite a few other people and we were under attack by four male lions. There was a feeling of panic and fear and we tried to lock all the doors and windows to prevent them entering. I looked out the window and saw them walking up a hill carrying the dismembered pieces of my dog Pixie in their mouths-In fact she was in 2 one lion carrying her body and another one of her back legs. I wailed and howled in deep grief in my sleep and woke myself up.

Goddess Group

I have been participating in our local Goddess group for a year now.  I can’t believe its been that long!  We meet on the quarters and cross quarters of the Celtic calendar (or the Sunday closest) to honour the Divine Feminine in whichever guise She is taking at the particular time of the year.

I love sitting in circle with women and sharing and caring.  Its a place where you can be honest without fear of judgement or retribution! Its a place for fun and creativity.  In a World so dominated by the constrictions of ‘busyness’ its an oasis of calm and laughter.

Its a place of Healing. In my own case I had a long standing disagreement with a female relative which stubbornly refused to mend.  We both started attending the Group and inevitably we had to come to a place of understanding and forgiveness for that is the True Path of Love.

I love the different faces of the Divine Feminine.  I work closely with the Great Council of Grandmothers as described by Sharon McErlane in her books  “Our Love is Our Power”  and “The Grandmothers speak” These beings are full of common sense and practicality, with an infinite capacity to love and hold us.

Then I see the fiery form and temperament of passionate Goddesses like Pele.  Her volcanic fury of destruction yet also a great place of fertility.  Championing the right to be empowered and transformed by anger

In cultures all over the World there are triple Goddesses usually depicting the 3 stages of  Womanhood-Maiden, Mother and Crone.  These blessed Beings can speak to us throughout our lives-giving us understanding of the Mysteries that we as Women are called to.

Often I pull a card from my Goddess tarot-to give guidelines for a problem or just a energetic clue to the day ahead. Within the group we pledge to honour a particular Goddess between meetings.  To learn about Her, to communicate with Her and in doing so we learn more about ourselves.

Dalai Lamas 75th birthday

Follow the link to add your congratulations to his Holiness

10 billion beats

Reading the Signs

So here we are, or maybe it’s so here I am, one year in to 10 Billion Beats—a simple vision that the world is a better place when people stand together with a common purpose instead of negotiating what divides us. Some have called this coherence.

Seeing the Earth bleed before our eyes with only blind guesses about how to stop the hemorrhage is a stark reminder of the incoherent battle we humans have waged with nature. There are no words to adequately describe watching a catastrophe unfold 5000 feet beneath the sea. All we can do is hope and pray that a solution is found to save the gulf before so much life has been lost that it can’t recover. I have even heard this referred to as the Seventh Sign (Book of Revelations) when “the seas will turn black.” It is certainly a sign that meaningful change is needed.

Some have called this time “the great turning,” the point when humankind turns away from acting like we are the crown of creation and that everything here is for our use. Turning from the belief that we can do whatever we damn well please and turning towards becoming real stewards of creation. We are coming to realize that we are spiritual beings among many. We are accountable for our personal growth as well as for furthering the development of all others. No small task, and definitely a change of consciousness.

You who receive this newsletter are a special group. Some are searchers, some sages; everyone is making a difference. Finding ourselves now in “the turning” is unsettling as old forms fade away. It forces us to choose whether we will identify with Spirit, or with Matter. Whether we step toward coherence with the Creator and all creation, or cling to personal power and separation. This is not the first time we’ve noticed this choice. This is not the first time we’ve cared about it, nor is it even the first time we have seriously sought synchrony ourselves. It is simply the time to try again.

10 Billion Beats is not a political movement, a religious faction, an ecological organization, or even a peace group. It is a spiritual endeavor, a cry of acknowledgment that we are part of a system, part of the problem and if we pay attention, part of the solution. 10 Billion Beats is founded on the belief that we, as co-creators are constantly interacting with creation and must do so consciously with positive intent. It is the “golden rule” applied to “right” and “left,” family, friend, and enemy, Heaven and Earth. Each met with the will to good whatever the circumstance. The drumbeat is our unifying call to coherence.

Organizing for a second time however is different. The enthusiasm of a new idea is tempered by the overwhelming work needed to manifest the idea in the world. Urgency is challenged by hopelessness as we watch all the problems we wish to positively impact intensify before our eyes. My hope is that all of you will participate again this year and that in doing so you are choosing to identify with Spirit. Since this is a grass-roots only PR campaign, it is even more important that each of you spread the word in every way you can imagine. Spirit brought 200,000 people together last year exceeding my wildest “little engine that could” expectations. Still, more people are needed. This year I am asking you to help make it 1,000,000 people drumming 10 Billion Beats with intention as if the world depends on it. In times of great strain we can find good reasons for our wounds and resentments, good reasons for bigger fences and defenses, but reasons don’t lead to healing. Healing comes to those who stride forward on a brighter way with nothing but faith in their purpose. We only need to see the signs in the world around us to find the motivation for our effort. With each stride through “the turning” we choose to identify with Spirit or with Matter. Healing and coherence, or separation and pain, which do you believe?

Feeding the Roots

English language poster will start mailing this week. Please contact us if you don’t wish to receive them or need more. Thanks.

We are a grass-roots campaign, its just people telling people. We are very thankful for all the effort. Remember this year we are award some prizes. I will personally make a drum for whoever gets the most people to register for 10 Billion Beats. For the people who bring in the next 10 highest numbers of participants I will give a signed copy of “The Coyoté Oak: Burgeoning Wisdom” and a copy of Vantage Quest VI.

Tell everyone that you invite to participate to enter your name in the “Referred by” field as they complete the registration form.

We’ll announce the winner on Sept. 19, 2010 through this email newsletter after “the beat” circumnavigates the globe. As before, please post links to 10 Billion Beats on your webpages, Facebook pages, other social networks, blog sites, and emails. Together, we can reach the big numbers needed to affect positive change.

With Regard,

10 Billion Beats

I took part in this last year and intend to invite family and friends to do so again this year.  See what you can do.  Seersha

This is a very important time

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

June 7, 2010

All we have to do is turn on the news to see that we are in the midst of a very tumultuous time on this planet. Challenging and even catastrophic things are taking place in every facet of people?s lives. It is very easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful about the future and what is going to happen to us and our families. Unfortunately, our fear just compounds the problem and motivates us to cling to the old paradigms that are surfacing to be healed and transmuted into Light. Even if our old behavior patterns and our previous ways of thinking and acting have made us miserable, at least they are familiar to us and we know what to expect. As the expression goes, ?Better the devil you know than the devil you do not know.? This attitude is common, but nothing could be more counterproductive during this time of transformation.

Contrary to outer appearances, the things that are occurring all over the world are not going to destroy Humanity or the Earth. These horrific things are coming up to get our attention and to motivate us to find a better way of interacting with each other and the Earth. We have been buried in our own self-inflicted pain and suffering for so long that we are numb. We have fallen into the destructive habit of using extreme pain as our motivator. Unless something catastrophic happens in our lives, we just muddle through each day without paying much attention to what we might do to make things better. However, when something disastrous happens in our personal lives or on the planet, we start scrambling around to see what we can do to correct the situation.

The devastating environmental disaster occurring in the Gulf of Mexico at this time is a prime example of this Truth. We have known for decades that oil and coal are polluting the planet and wreaking havoc in the lives of people everywhere. Time and again, awakening souls have tapped into the Realms of Illumined Truth and come up with clean energy sources and technologies that would eliminate our use of oil and coal. Because of the power and money associated with the oil and coal industries, these new methods of energy have always been suppressed and hidden from the mass consciousness of Humanity. People have come to the erroneous conclusion that we must have oil and coal in order to survive and maintain our livelihoods. Even now, with oil destroying the precious wetlands and ecosystems in the Gulf of Mexico, many people there are upset that President Obama has called for a moratorium on deep-water drilling. This is a graphic demonstration of Humanity?s distorted perc eption at this time.

Our lives are so interwoven with the very things that are causing the problems on Earth that we feel we must perpetuate them in order to survive. This illusion is the direct manipulation of our fear-based, fragmented human egos. Our lower human egos believe that the physical plane is all that exists and that our purpose and reason for being is to gratify our physical senses. Our human egos are aware that we are awakening and that our God Selves are beginning to reclaim dominion of our lives. Our egos are fighting tooth and nail to prevent our God Selves from taking back the power this wayward aspect of our personality usurped after our fall from Grace aeons ago.

Breaking the bonds of the paralyzing grip our human egos have had over us for lifetimes is the next critical step in the unfolding Divine Plan. An activity of Light that involves the God Selves of all Humanity and the entire Company of Heaven is now underway. Please step back, take a deep breath, and release any fear your human ego may be using to try to manipulate you. Allow the Divinity within your heart to expand and expand as you read these words with an open heart and an open mind. Miracles are happening and we are receiving more assistance from the Company of Heaven than ever before.

For some time, the Company of Heaven has been telling us that one of the greatest needs of the hour is for awakening Humanity to attain our financial freedom. This is a vital and necessary facet of the Divine Plan. The viable solutions for all of the maladies existing on Earth are beginning to flow from the Realms of Illumined Truth into the hearts and minds of Humanity. In order to bring these powerful solutions into physical manifestation, awakened people with a higher consciousness need to have the financial support to bypass the old paradigms of greed and corruption. It is the abuse of money and the compulsive greed of our human egos that have caused the appalling poverty and the inequitable distribution of wealth on this planet in the first place.

The Beings of Light have confirmed that at this very moment there are patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God that contain practical solutions for every negative situation manifesting on Earth. These include solutions to our energy crisis, pollution, global warming, disease, poverty, crime, aging, hunger, homelessness, war, and every other human miscreation. Amazingly, there are people who have been manipulated by their human egos into suppressing the knowledge and the technologies that are available to solve these problems.  Through their limited, fear-based consciousness, all these people can see is what will happen to their present financial situations if these problems are solved.

For instance, what would happen if all of a sudden disease and the degenerative process of aging were eliminated from the planet? Imagine the number of people who would be out of work: doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, drug companies, medical insurance companies, and all of the workers who support these industries. Millions of people have a vested interest in keeping us sick.

What would happen if war was eliminated? If you will remember, just before September 11, 2001, and the manifestation of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, there was a lot of talk about having to close some of the military bases in the USA for financial reasons. This was causing a great deal of concern for military personnel. Look at the millions of people who would be out of work if our military complex and the war machine were no longer needed. There are millions of people who have a vested interest in perpetuating war.

What if Humanity remembers the Oneness of Life? What if we all recognize the Divinity within each other, and we truly develop a reverence for all Life? Crime, corruption, violence, greed, and everything associated with the criminal aspects of our present existence would be eliminated. Think of the number of people who would be out of work if we no longer needed the criminal justice system, police, security officers, prisons, prison guards, criminal lawyers, et cetera. What in the world would we watch on television or in the movies? It is interesting to observe that since many of the prisons in the USA have been privatized, the population of the prisons in this country has more than doubled. Prisons cannot succeed as a private business without lots of prisoners. There are millions of people who are vested in keeping crime alive and well.

When we ask people if they want to see disease, war, and crime eliminated, they usually say ?of course.? But when their livelihoods depend on these things, they are afraid of what will happen to their financial security if these conditions cease to exist. That fear creates an underlying need that perpetuates the painful things people say they would like to eliminate.

We are so accustomed to living with disease, war, and crime that we think they are normal. We cannot even imagine living without them. The concept of a world without these maladies seems unrealistic and far too good to be true. Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are striving to remind us of the fact that these terrible things were never part of our Divine Plan. We created them through the misuse of our thoughts, words, feelings, and actions and they are being perpetuated and sustained by our fear-based human egos. It is time for us to stop this insanity. It is time to turn things around.

We must free ourselves from the paralyzing grip of our human egos and raise our consciousness. Instead of looking at the outer world and coming to the erroneous conclusion that this is all there is, we need to see the bigger picture. WE ARE COCREATING THIS REALITY!!! Everything existing on Earth at this time is the result of Humanity?s collective consciousness. If we do not like what is happening in our individual lives or on the planet, we can join together and cocreate a new reality. Our task is to have enough of us focusing our attention on the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to reach a critical mass.

When we lift our consciousness, we realize that we can tap into the patterns of perfection in the Causal Body of God. We have the ability to cocreate wonderful new ventures and avenues of employment that will secure our financial freedom while blessing and enhancing all Life. We do not have to limit ourselves to the parameters of what currently exists on Earth. We do not have to perpetuate pain and suffering just so we will have enough money to survive. This distorted belief is a trap that our human egos created in order to control us.

The quandary we are in at this time is that we are Ascending into the 5th-Dimensional Realms of Light. This dimension vibrates with the frequencies of God?s Infinite Perfection. Every frequency of vibration that is less than the harmony and balance of God cannot exist in the 5th Dimension. This is why all of the prophecies that describe the New Earth indicate that there will be no pain or suffering; no aging, disease, or death as we know it now; no poverty, hunger, or homelessness; no war or violence.

This miraculous transformation is not going to occur because someone waves a wand and magically does it all for us. It is going to occur, because you and I and every soul evolving on this planet remembers who we are and our purpose and reason for being. We are cocreators. It is time for us to reclaim our Divine Birthright, which is God?s Infinite Abundance. This will allow us to let go of the belief that we have to perpetuate the maladies on Earth in order to have enough money for our survival. The key to accomplishing this goal is bursting the bonds of our manipulative human egos. That is in fact the next step of our unfolding Divine Plan.

This summer an event will take place involving the unified efforts of the God Selves of every man, woman, and child on Earth and the entire Company of Heaven. August 14-19, 2010, during the anniversary of the first Harmonic Convergence which took place August 15-18, 1987, Lightworkers from around the world will gather within the forcefield of Washington, D. C., in the USA. Together we will form a mighty transformer of Light through which the Light of God will pour to open the 5th-Dimensional Portal of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, Victory, and the Violet Flame of God?s Infinite Perfection. Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven have revealed that the infinite power of these Divine Qualities will raise the energy, vibration, and consciousness of Humanity?s physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies effectively enough to burst the bonds our human egos have used to manipulate and control us for aeons of time.

This unprecedented activity of Divine Grace and Mercy will occur through the God Self of every person on the planet in perfect alignment with his or her Divine Plan and the highest good for all concerned. It is impossible for us to truly comprehend the magnitude of what it will mean for each of us to be free from the manipulation of our egos, but our lives will be transformed. Instead of feeling like we are always walking toward our goals through tar with gale winds blowing in our faces, we will be empowered by our God Selves and the Divine Intervention of the Heavenly Realms. The patterns of perfection for our individual lives and our collective lives will manifest much more quickly. Together we tangibly cocreate the New Earth.

Through this activity of Light we are ALL being called to a higher service. This is a joint effort between Heaven and Earth. Those of us who have the heart call to participate need to listen to our inner guidance and respond accordingly. Our Light and Love are a critical factor in the success of this facet of the Divine Mission.

The vehicle that will be used to gather Lightworkers within the 5th-Dimensional Portal of Freedom, Liberty, Divine Justice, Victory, and the Violet Flame of God?s Infinite Perfection is the 24th Annual World Congress on Illumination. This event will be held August 14-19, 2010, at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.

Ask your God Self what your part is in this Divine Plan. Listen to your heart, and you will KNOW. If you have the heart call to travel to Arlington, Virginia, which is in the surrounding area of Washington, D. C., to serve Humanity and all Life in this way, ask for assistance. The floodgates of Heaven will open to pave the way for you to attend this activity of Light. Be open, be receptive, and Trust.

Many people will have the heart call to serve as the Hands of God on behalf of ALL Humanity. They will travel to Arlington, Virginia, to become part of the mighty transformer through which the Light of God will flow to open the portal of Freedom, Liberty, Divine Justice, Victory, and the Violet Flame of God?s Infinite Perfection. However, if you do not have the heart call to be physically present in Washington, D. C., there will be other ways you can participate.

Some Lightworkers will be inspired to travel to various sacred sites to anchor these patterns into Mother Earth?s Crystal Grid System. Others will gather with groups in their own locations to weave their Light into this unified activity of Light. And still others will join in consciousness from the solitude of their own sanctuaries.

All of these ways of participating are vital to the success of this Divine Mission. The important thing is that you truly listen to your heart and respond according to YOUR particular facet of this Divine Plan. No matter where you are guided to be, know that we are ALL One. Precious One, your Light and Love are needed NOW!

For the information you will need in order to participate in the 24th  Annual World Congress on Illumination please click on the link below:

If the link does not work please copy it and paste it into your browser.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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The information in this monthly sharing is being given to Humanity by the Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth. The Divine Intent of these celestial sharings is to encourage, empower, uplift, and inspire Humanity by allowing us to see the bigger picture during these wondrous but often challenging times.

I am unable to go to DC but will definitely be ‘tuning in’ and holding some meditation groups here at Champlain’s Well