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Magical Warrior Women

Magical Warrior Women

Magical Warrior Women is a spiritual creative collective for women. We share a day of creativity, spirituality, love, support, inspiration, activism and internal / collaborative growth. It’s a place to nurture any ideas you have, share what inspires you, learn with other women and grow together. This is a monthly occurrence. We are strong, powerful and magic! When we come together we can move mountains ! We intend to achieve great things in activism, charity, current affairs, human consciousness and inner transformation. Women of ALL AGES are welcome (and encouraged!) to join us.

We can accommodate women coming from far away to stay overnight. This weekend and EVERY weekend we do is on a DONATION basis, because we want this to be accessible to all and we really are doing this for the love 🙂

This month we are beginning our journey to heal the inappropriate female energies that hold us back and prevent us from fulfilling our potential



Next meeting 24th June  2017


For more info contact us


 This is a new addition to what we offer……..
Great Mongeham, United Kingdom

Up to 8 guests  2 rooms available. Deal is a delightful seaside town with a thriving music scene. We are close to world heritage site of Canterbury with …

We began offering Airbnb  May 2015-it has been a great experience.  We have met some lovely people who we look forward to meeting again.  So this year we have decided to extend the service and offer Shamanic/holistic treatments as part of your stay.  There is a possibility of making a drum-for more info see the Drum Birthing page-but on a one to one basis or in small private group.  The chance to experience one or more of the Shamanic/holistic treatments we have here whilst enjoying all the local delights that Deal and the surrounding area has to offer with its convenient  links to London and the Continent.  We look forward to welcoming you, your family and/or friends for an holiday experience with a difference.


Seersha and her lovely family were the perfect hosts. They made us feel comfortable and at ease the minute we walked through their door which was perfect as this was the first time we had used airbnb and with a large, young family(4 children under 8!) this was just fantastic. Also the journey had been an arduous one and the welcome we got really went a long way to easing the stress of the journey, we had arrived a lot later than anticipated and Seersha made us feel like we were one of the family, instantly making us feel welcome and at ease. We enjoyed our stay so much that we actually stayed again on the journey home. This is a Great place to stay especially if you have young children, Seersha goes more than the extra mile to help you, make you feel at home and is truly one of life’s great characters, she was so caring and compassionate with us and our family – the perfect host, we thoroughly loved our stay, the children didn’t want to leave.

We loved the welcome and were instantly put at ease, which can be difficult when you have 6 cheeky children excited for their holiday and running around a beautiful, very old house. We were made to feel like old friends or family members, never feeling out of place, we all got a great night’s sleep, awoke refreshed, well taken care of and look after in a truly personal way. Might I also add that Seersha is fantastic with children, our friends have a 9 month old baby and Seersha was always on hand to ask if there was anything the baby needed, “should I hold baby whilst mum sterilises the bottles”? just great, a service you would never get at a b’n’b or hotel!

Thank- you Seersha and family
From Pete in Manchester
Seersha made us feel at home from the moment we arrived, by inviting us to join her BBQ with friends and giving us two room options. We had very little time in Deal due to late arrival after a horrendous journey. Seersha and her husband both gave us great advice about making the best of our short time there and giving us excellent directions for our journey to catch the ferry at Dover the following day. An unexpected bonus was the vegan friendly breakfast options.

From Vereena UK

Seersha communicated with us well to ensure a timely welcome on arrival and answered our questions throughout our stay. We enjoyed learning about the very historic house and area. If you enjoy the countryside and still access to a town, this is a great location. Also, if you need to catch an early ferry from Dover the next morning. Seersha was a gracious host providing tea and other help especially for the children. The dogs and cat were friendly and the house was clean. We enjoyed Deal and the rest of the neighbourhood. It was great to have a parking space off the road. We really enjoyed meeting you and John. Thanks for the hospitality and tea tree oil treatments. They really helped.

From David USA

New Logo and Summer/Autumn events

small logo

We are very excited to reveal our new logo which has been designed for us by
We are taking this opportunity to share with you our events for the summer and Autumn 2016.  We hope you can make it to beautiful East Kent

Learning to connect with Pacha Mama~ Mother Earth


Kurikindi-Shaman of the Kichwa People of the Ecuadorian Rainforest
2nd July 2016

Champlain’s Well, Great Mongeham, Deal, Kent CT14 9LP

Kurikindi is a shaman from the Kichwa people who live deep in the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador. He was born into a traditional shamanic family drawing on many generations of wisdom and knowledge. His family has travelled extensively in South America to gain greater understanding from other indigenous tribes and their Shamanic traditions.He has a deep and intimate understanding of the nature of energy and our inter-connectedness with all. In this workshop he will explore the first steps in learning how to communicate with the plant and animal kingdoms

Full day workshop – Cost £100 per person

He is also offering one to one sessions on Sunday 3rd July at a special price of £65 for workshop participants

For further info and booking please call Seersha 07809722097 or email her at

Brooke Medicine Eagle
16th-17th July 2016
The Village Hall  Holwell Sherbourne Dorset DT9 7LD

A Ceremonial Gathering

At this time of challenge and change on our beautiful planet, we must do our best to offer what is powerful and workable into the energy stream. At the highest, that offering is LOVE.
Mother Earth has held us crazy humans in her loving arms and heart for so very long; we need to step up and reciprocate at this time of Her graduation into a new level of being which will uplift us all.

We will learn about creating powerful & beneficial ceremony, the use of the drum and other sacred implements, and songs of empowerment. Then comes cleansing ourselves and putting our knowledge into action.

Gathering in circle, we will call in our finest allies, sing and dance our Love into the ground, vibrating it inward and upward for the benefit of all.

This workshop is open to men and women
Cost £200 concessions available

Individual sessions are available on Monday 18th by prior booking cost £65

Contact for further information and booking or phone her on 07809722097

Cost £200 concessions available

Individual sessions available ~18th July


Drum birthing with the Drum Dhoulas

23rd -24th July 2016

Champlain’s Well, Great Mongeham, Deal, Kent CT14 9LP

drum and beater


You will create, decorate and empower your own magical drum and beater. Journey to discover the Spirit and name of your drum. Honour, name and celebrate its creation with a Fire Ceremony. An enjoyable, sociable creative weekend for all. No previous creative skills required. All materials provided.

drum patio

‘Much of the Art of Drum Making cannot be spoken-it is about tapping into our creative centres, contacting Spirit and bringing into being what we are given. Drums are a Shamans /Shamankas most important tool. When he/she makes their own it is a birthing process-a moment of conception; when the seed of the idea meets materials gifted by Mother Earth. A gestation- as the process unfolds. A birth as the drum is completed and then honoured and named in Ceremony.
drum tree

Their drum becomes their companion, their most powerful ally and teacher. If cared for it will mature and grow old with them. When the Shaman/Shamanka walks the Rainbow Bridge the Drum Spirit will go with them, keeping rhythm for the next dance.’


I feel that this is true. The Drum Spirits are really needed now. They beat for the healing of Mother Earth-they beat for our own illumination-they beat for joy and sorrow-they beat for celebration and ceremony-they beat for cleansing and clearing-they beat for us.
Contact Seersha 07809722097

for further info and booking

Cost £200 all materials included



with Brooke Medicine Eagle

27th August 2016

Champlain’s Well, Great Mongeham, Deal, Kent CT14 9LP

A Native Way of Coming to Presence and Power

One of my wise native elders reminded me that, “through the face of a flower, spirit shines into the world.” When we can blossom into our fulness, we are also that kind of gift to All Our Relations. Brooke will work with you to clear the soil of your history and your ancestry so that you can be nourished properly. Then, you will align yourself with the great Tree of Life, the stalk upon which you can truly blossom. Coming into resonance with the great power of your own Divine Design and the purpose of your heart, you will move gracefully into the process of becoming more of who you already are – of BLOSSOMING INTO YOUR FULLNESS.
What a gift you are! and it will be a joy to support and see that beauty come forth!!

Come ready to be PRESENT in the POWER & BEAUTY OF WHO YOU ARE, to release old traumas and limitations, and move forward in sweet loveliness – the Flower of Who You Are.
Cost for the workshop ~£100 ~private sessions available by prior booking cost £65

Contact for further information and booking


The Tao of Cacao~the Alchemy of Sacred Chocolate


Amanda Waring

24th September 2016

A workshop using ceremonial cacao and unique shamanic practices to open your heart and ground your gifts , a delicious way to transform your life and experience more love and self awareness and chocolate .

Amanda has been a shamanic practitioner and leader of ceremony. for over thirty years leading women’s chocolate circles and full moon lodges.She’s been working with the power of sacred chocolate to heal ,transform, delight, liberate, sensualze using sacred ceremonial chocolate to ground clients to awaken and recognise their feminine power, to help them reclaim their focus, joy voice and purpose. Cacao reminds us to hold ourselves lightly to cherish ourselves deeply to give ourselves permission to play and have fun..

During this workshop we will explore and experience and initiate with the power of raw cacao , absorbing it in sacred ceremony together to allow the alchemy of the cacao deva as a spiritual ally to guide us . Sacred Chocolate helps us integrate our dark and light side so that we can embody and share all of our gifts in this lifetime . There is no hiding with Mama cacao, she will seek you out, burrow and furrow in the deepest darkest riches of your being, showing you the places where you have become dried, deadened brittle, afraid to love, afraid to be seen afraid to express,seeking even permission just to BE. It can get messy, it can be fun as we reclaim the parts that have been neglected or unloved.But let the tao of cacao lead you with love so that you can become whole and live your passion and let your passion live.

The workshop will include cacao meditations, sacred drumming and movement and the drinking of ceremonial chocolate . There will be moments for deep rest and reflection. Sacred cacao is needed right here right now, to help us grow and evolve and to shift humanity into greater depths of compassion and awareness and Love . When we transform ourselves we transform the world. MAY THE TAO of cacao sweeten your now and may the love of chocolate inspire your life as it has mine.

Cost £90
for further information contact or 07809722097


Shamanic Journeying & Trance Dance

Working with the Medicine Wheel

With Leo Rutherford

The Astor Theatre, Deal Kent, CT14 6AB

Trance-Dance brings together body movement, dynamic rhythms, healing sounds, transformational breathing techniques and the innovative use of a blindfold or bandana – together stimulating a trance state that promotes spiritual awakenings, mental clarity and emotional well-being.

Shamanic journeying takes us inside while the body goes into rest mode. The monotonous beat of the drum enables an opening in our visionary centres. Travelling with specific intent garners our inner being/spirit to give us pictures and feelings to help understanding of life patterns.

Both these methods can take participants on an ‘inner journey’ outside of normal perceptions of space/time. Ritual trance journeys have been a vital part of shamanic cultures for thousands of years. Our contemporary approach to Trance-Dance brings together the richness of these ancient rituals with effective modern techniques. Often the shaman will begin to enter the trance state through movement and then come to the floor and leave the body to journey.
The Medicine Wheel teaches how the Universe works, how the many forces act on us in our lives and how to live connected to the greater powers. It shows us how to maintain balance and harmony, how to dance our way through peacefully and lovingly in the midst of life’s numerous challenges.

The dance: Cultures from every continent on this planet embraced unique dance forms based on the animals and elements of nature present within their domain. Their purpose in dancing was to enter elemental or animal consciousness, to become the spirit of the sun, moon, or shape-shift into an animal and or plant life. To ‘dance like nature’ was to vibrate at the same rate as Creator, much the same as any newborn child will mimic its environment out of love and appreciation for its existence. Dance was synonymous with prayer, a demonstration of reverence.

Through Trance-Dance and Journeying we disappear into spirit, detaching from life’s ordinary challenges, able to let go and see through and past everyday issues to deeper patterns. Shamans know that all dis-ease originates in the energy matrix of our being and “travel” to the source to effect healing. For many of us these patterns can lie deeply hidden yet affecting us on every level. Through these methods participants enter parallel realities where hidden patterns can be experienced and solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems may be accessed.

Trance-Dance & journeying are magical catalysts for emergence to happen and patterns to shift:
*Develop greater creativity and self-expression *Develop richer connections to your Self, to others and to spirit
*Gain flexibility, vitality, strength, improve body image *Connect with your soul’s purpose
*Solve seemingly intractable problems. * Enjoy greater confidence

Cost for the weekend £120

For further information contact
Seersha 07809722097