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Shamanicplanet offers Airbnb


If you are looking for a Shamanic getaway why not come and stay here in East Kent with us at Champlain’s Well.  A beautiful 17th century house  with easy access to the continent and the World Heritage site of Canterbury.  During your visit there will be the option for Shamanic therapies.  Contact Seersha for further info 07809722097cw3cw4


Working Shamanically with Addiction issues

I was talking with a friend today about alcoholism and addiction in general. As a Shamanic Practitioner I often work with people who have addiction issues. I told my friend that when working shamanically with addictions we first need to meet the Spirit of the Addiction be it alcohol or heroin, tobacco or cocaine. She said that the Spirit of alcohol must be the Devil. I had to disagree because for every negative aspect of a drug there is always a balance of good.

Our ancestors used alcohol as a way to have clean liquid to drink so they could avoid cholera and other water borne diseases. Smallbeer was a very dilute alcoholic drink that was even drunk by children. It is a very powerful antiseptic. Cocaine in its natural form-Coca leaves is an important aid to oxygen absorption at high altitude and consequently is served as tea and chewed all the time in the High Andes. Tobacco is a prayer plant used by Native American cultures to carry their prayers to heaven….Opium is a magnificent pain killer and helps many folks.

Its not the Spirit Being of that substance that is wrong but the way we misuse and dis-respect it. So the 1st step for us to take is to meet the Spirit of whichever addiction is troubling us and apologise. Learn to get in a ‘right’ relationship with it. Discover why we have misused this and rectify and make amends with ourselves, the Spirit Being and anyone else we may have hurt during our misuse.

We can communicate with ‘man-made’ substances too. I have worked with tranquillser addiction and never cease to be amazed at the Spirit form of these drugs.

There is an interesting article in the latest Sacred Hoop magazine about one person’s experience of working with tranquilisers in a Shamanic way. The person in question didn’t have addiction issues but interesting none the less.

Sacred Arts Camp

I have just returned from a wonderful 8 days at the Sacred Arts Camp at Brasiers House in Oxfordshire. The camp is run by ‘the people for the the people’. At its centre are the Dances of Universal peace bought to the West by Samuel L Lewis in the late 1960’s.

The Dances of Universal Peace (DUP) are meditative, spiritual practices using the mantras of all world religions to promote peace. The DUP dances, of North American Sufic origin, combine chants from world faiths with dancing, whirling, and a variety of movement with singing.

This camp attracts people from many walks of life and Spiritual beliefs. The camp is laid out in circles with a fire at the centre of each where your ‘family’ share time and food, laughter and tears. It is about the human collective in its highest incarnation-a commune of the heart! For a few short days all differences are put aside and the true light of love and unity with the Oneness becomes manifest. People really care about you and there are many ways to share this wonderful energy.

The Dances are the most important aspect of the camp but there is space for so much more. Singing together and re- discovering our beautiful voices long forgotten or hidden. Meditation and yoga-natural saunas-Latvian style! Ragas and Bhajans, Djembe beats and Bangra dancing. Women’s and Men’s groups…Shamanic sharings and journeys…compost toilets and beautiful warm outdoor showers.

The field where the camp is held is gorgeous-surrounded by ancient trees which boast many nesting pairs of Red Kites who spiral daily over the camp fires showering blessings from Great Spirit to all below.

I came back from this camp re-born and re-juvenated. The camp felt like coming home. Somehow for me the circle has been completed and I can now move forward with a deep knowledge of the intrinsic beauty of humanity when we work, sing, dance and play together for the greater good.


I spend a lot of time working with the Divine Feminine, so yesterday, for a different view, I stepped into the World of Dionysian Rites. I attended a workshop led by a lovely lady from California called Marguerite. She reminded us of the balance required-the necessity of the Yin and Yan principle. How so many of us have been wounded by inappropriate male energy and now shy away from them completely. For humanity to be healed we must deal with the Male and Female aspects.

It seems over recent years that the Divine Feminine is really making a comeback. Women all over the World are standing up and walking into their Power. This leaves the Menfolk a little bewildered at best and bitter and angry at worst. So the point of yesterday was to remind us how good and appropriate Male energy, is beneficial for all.

So we sang and danced and we drummed and welcomed Dionysus to our circle. We journeyed to this magnificent Being and he gave us gifts and told us secrets. He filled our hearts with joy and love and reminded us why we love to be women.

During the journey he took me to the Underworld and there I saw ‘Man’ curled up in a ball in the dark dungeon like space. Absolutely desperate for the love of the ‘Mother’ but too caught up in fear to reach out to Her. Hating what he needs the most. I felt so sad to see this and wept. I took this pitiful figure into my arms and just gently held ‘him’ and sang a lullaby. I then heard Dionysus say.”When the Men remember how to Dance the Spiral Dance-then all will be healed.” So clear.

On returning form the Journey I realised that all healing needs to start close to home and was wondering how I could teach the Men (sons) in my life -the Spiral Dance. Knowing them as I do and being 19.21 and 25 I thought the likelihood of them doing ‘Country Dancing’ willingly was zero! So Marguerite suggested that I visualise them doing it and that would be a start. Great idea-so from today I will ‘see’ the Men in my life holding hands and spiralling to connect with the Heart of the Mother and live in hope that one day they will do this willingly together with other men and women and we will be whole and healed as a people. Ho!

This too will pass!

How many times have you heard that phrase?  It gets wheeled out everytime something challenging arrives in our lives.  I heard it first many years ago when I was a disciple of Osho.  It was new and fresh then. Now i feel like screaming when I hear it…Yes we know that but it doesn’t help the pain -it doesn’t change anything! Its only when we have moved on and learned our lesson that we can look back and understand the wisdom of those words.

Everything will of course pass-that is the nature of a finite being.  Nothing remains the same.  Our lives are all about change and embracing it when it comes.  Sometimes the transition is easy-sometimes we make it more painful.  So as we move towards the Winter Solstice which is about coming out of Darkness and into the Light, lets celebrate those words for yes ‘this too will Pass’ and for that  we need to be grateful for NOW ‘cos that’s all there really is!

Daughters of the Jaguar Moon.

Wow its been ages since the trip to Peru and I haven’t had a minute to spare to sit at my PC and catch up on the blog!

Peru was such an amazing experience.  A group of 14 women-half of us under the wing of Shamanka and the other half wonderful women of Kent-all of us Goddesses!

Peru is a gorgeous place, the people are friendly and the air in the mountains pure, if a little thin.  Some of us struggled with the altitude but this all felt part of the journey both external and inner that we undertook.  Each challenge a lesson, each step taken a step in the right direction.

27113_110043415690395_100000542126237_166319_3955597_s The Mountain people are small as you can see. I felt like a giant with these two Quero Shamen. (Tauribio Quespo and his brother)

25675_1440634099476_1341750140_31213242_3658589_s Lying down opposite an Inka burial cliff at Pisaq.  The energies of many places were overwhelming.  Hugging a rock seemed to be a good idea at the time!

We took part in three despachios- ceremonial offerings to Mother Earth-Pacha Mama.  Each with a different Shaman.  The first was prepared at the Rings of Moray by Tauribio Quespo and his brother. We made kintos (offerings of 3 coca leaves into which prayers are breathed) that were placed into the despachio along with  many gifts of flowers and sweets, herbs and small figurines and then bought back to the Sacred Valley at Pisaq to be burned that night.

It was a beautiful night-a few whispy clouds in a dark sky so full of  stars.  The Milky Way was clearly visible above our heads and Tauribio told us that the Sacred Valley is so Sacred because it mirrors the Path of the Milky Way and the people believe that the Valley is a representation of the heavens on Earth.  That night I really understood why.  Breathtaking.   As the Shamen called in the energies using their ‘mesas’ a few clouds drifted over the new moon and Mama Killa became Jaguar.  With Her shining eye looking majestically down on us.  That night we became Daughters of the Jaguar Moon………something shifted, something changed…. an opening, a flowering…an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for being who we are and where we are.  A joy at being together…a delight at our being women…a celebration of laughter and tears….part of the Web in all its glory. Aho

Quote of the week!

I have become an avid Facebooker.  I have my own personal page and also one for Shamanicplanet.  Something that I have started to do on the SP page is a quote of the day and suddenly I thought what a good idea for the blog  So as there is more space here for longer quotes I thought a weekly selection would be better.

The idea is that I pick a book at random-eyes closed!  Then again at random open the book and see what it has to say.. Divination..a snippet to meditate on for the week or just an interesting something.  So over to my bookshelf, eyes closed and voila! I choose a book by my good friend Anne Geraghty called In the Dark and Still Moving-a story of her Spiritual Journey with the guru Osho.

I met Anne, then called Vismaya, during my days in Osho’s commune back in the 8O’s.  It was a vibrant time in my life and one I look back on with great fondness.  It was a Spiritual Adventure of the most exhilarating kind…..Love, Life and Laughter was our mantra and we did all to our best ability!  There were casualties on the way but I ended my time, within Rajneesh’s metaphorical embrace, a truely better and happier person.

So here I go and open the page………………………..

“Work is the meditation.  You watch your personal trips come and go, while all the time you focus on the immediate demands of the task in front of you.  In this way your personal ego dissolves as naturally as a dewdrop in the morning sun.  Or did it disappear like a cloud or withdraw ‘dancing lightly on the tide’, I can’t quite remember? Or perhaps it just faded away in the brightness of so much light.

My first two weeks were in the Records Department.  I wandered along rows between banks of filing cabinets, full of cards listing every sanyassin and their psycho-spiritual history.  Each card had its own photo, usual details, date of birth and address, and lists of key ‘events’ such as a precis of a letter sent to Bhagwan, the groups they’d done, useful skills such as accountancy or plumbing.”

I remember spending a few weeks on the Ranch in Oregon doing the same as Anne did in Puna and feeling quite disturbed at the information on the cards.  But that was in the day when personal information was sacrosanct and looking back from a future that is filled with Information and easy access to it, it seems old fashioned and slightly precious!

Stonehenge Revisited

This year I joined English Heritage and as a consequence I get to go into Stonehenge for free.  Now everytime I pass by I call in for a chat with the Ancient ones.  Last time was on Thursday on my way to Middle Picadilly.  The weather was wild and wet and blowing a hooley.  For some reason English Heritage have decided everyone needs to walk anti-clockwise round the stones.  I just can’t bring myself to do this as it feels wrong.  Widdershins…..So against the flow of visitors I start turning the Wheel.  Once round for the Faeries…….once round for all Lightworkers and Beings of Light and once round for Fergus for his healing.  I pause at the end of the last turn and give Fergus a call letting him know that I am with him and sending him love and take a few pictures……

Image0025 Image0026 Image0023

I leave this magical place soaked to the skin but smiling.  The smile becomes even broader when I get back to the car and see I have not only left my car unlocked but the drivers door wide open with my handbag sitting on the front passenger seat and its still there!  I felt very taken care of as I drove away.

Image0027 Image0024

Human Touch Zero Gravity Massage Chair

While we were at the Grand Designs exhibition last week my husband fell in love ……with a massage chair.  He ordered one and it was delivered today!  I realise that in the scheme of things now I will definitly be second best as coming in from work he will be straight into the arms of his new delight…….as she gently kneads away the aches and pains of the day.

Grand Designs Exhibition-A different Way to Spend Beltane

Yesterday I spent an interesting day up in London visiting the Grand Designs Exhibition at the ExCel Cente in London’s dockland. A bit of a different way to spend Beltane!  However this was all about new beginnings as we are researching eco-housing that hopefully, in the not too distant future we will be able to build and live in.

I had a smooth trip up on the train and found the centre was well serviced by tube and the DLR.  I felt a bit like a country bumkin-wide eyed at all the impressive buildings in Docklands and all the people.

The venue was well sited and ventillated so even though it was a warm day it still felt cool and comfortable inside despite the numbers of people.  The exhibition was separated in themed areas:  Garden, Interiors, Self Build….but small enough so that you could see everything in a day easily with time to stop and try out wonderful zero gravity massage chairs and drink tea! There were seminars on different aspects of designing your own home and help on hand from Architects and building companies all vying for your trade.

I got some great ideas of things to do on our house.  I was very excited by the Eco Pod and Land Ark designed and marketed by Zed who are a trail-blazing ethically motivated company

I saw folks weaving willow hurdles and making straw bale walls using cob.  Carpenters making timber frames for traditional buildings, Stone Masons carving exquisite designs as well as 21st century audio and video equipment and plush interiors.  A thoroughly enjoyable day.

My husband manged to get there for the last couple of hours and immediately found the massage chair and spent at least an hour sampling the delights of being stretched gently and pumelled and kneaded before gettin out his card and buying one there and then.  Guess we’ll have to draw lots on who gets to sit in it!!