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More Garden Magic

Since I came back from Dorset I have spent as much time as possible in the garden.  The weather is glorious.  I am finding it difficult to drag myself indoors to sit at my PC as the Magic of the Garden entrances me!  Jago-my youngest son and I have created a new raised bed in which to plant summer purple sprouting brocoli.  It’s everyones favourite so it’s a big bed.  He also has dug over a new potato patch ready for my King Edwards which are chitting as we speak!

I love working with Jago-he is such a happy soul.  When he was a little boy he had a dreadful head injury which almost killed him.  I prayed and prayed for his recovery but didn’t feel the God I was bought up with would understand so I called on the Goddess for the first time and She made the difference!  I will tell that tale another time.  Enought to say that he has a great affinity with Nature and the sea in particular and he is waiting to begin an apprenticeship at a local boat builders.

I am on my way out this evening to attend a Psychology of Vision Meeting in Canterbury- to catch up with old friends and share a cup of tea.

Travelling down to Dorset

Ok…I admit it…..I’ve been blogged!  Actually I’ve had a blog space or whatever the correct term is since River created my beautiful website 2 years ago and its only now that I am actually using it.  I still haven’t understood how to get people to read it or connect with others but when I return from Dorset next week River is going to explain how to do all that stuff.  He is really patient with me ( I know that is the wrong spelling but my mind has gone blank and I cannot for the life of me remember the right way!).

Anyway here I am sitting at the PC when I probably should be running around doing ‘last minute’ stuff before I head off to Dorset for weekend 2 of the Practitioner’s Training.  I am getting a lift with 2 of the. students-to be green and save petrol.

My car ‘died’ last week and has gone to Daewoo heaven-I hope!  I am in the process of getting a replacement and will be able to collect my Nissan Almeira on my return.

Silas my Bull Mastiff cross pup is a bit under the weather so I am leaving him in my son’s capable hands.  Nothing too dramatic just an upset tum-probably ate something grim!  He’s a bit of a ‘bin hound’!

So I’ll not be at the  keyboard until next week now-probably get withdrawals!

Garden Magic

The weather over the Easter weekend has been lovely-an English Spring in all its glory.  My front garden is bursting with daffodils and narcissii, hyacynths and tulips.  The cherry has just burst into blossom and the roses are coming into leaf.  In the back the magnolia is majestic in pale pink and the self seeded borage glints with tiny bright blue blooms.

Our vegetable garden is taking shape with beetroot, carrots, spuds, onion, cabbage, garlic and Hopi corn already planted.  In the poly tunnel are mange tout, runner beans, cauliflower and courgettes popping up from the seed trays. As well as some nasturtiums, delphinium and geraniums.

We have just created a new herb plot-inspired by James Wong of Grow your Own Drugs-  In there we have planted Feverfew, Thyme, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Chives and Garlic Chives, Sage, Parsley, a small Bay Tree and strawberries.

I  have just got the most amazing book called The Illustrated Herbal Handbook by Juliette de Bairacli Levy 1st printed in 1974.  It is such a simple book but full of rememdies using commonal garden plants and weeds-I am a total convert to such simple home cures for everyday ailments.

I love the idea and practice of growing our own! Nothing tastes as wonderful as food that you have planted and grown in your own garden or allotment.  It is so ‘green’ and really enjoyable.  I talk and sing to the plant Spirits as I work.  It is a very rewarding activity to be involved in. I feel so close to Mother Earth, especially listening to the birds singing-full of the joys of Spring.  I feel  part of the web of life very strongly whilst I am out here in the fresh air with my hands in the soil-it’s easy to be grateful for all the Gifts that we are given-to share love and positivity.  Here you can forget the unruly children, the grumpy husband, the unfinished washing up……here you can be in the now, soaking up the sun and being………….

Champlain’s Well

I have lived at Champlain’s Well for almost three years now.  It truely is a beautiful place.  It has all the energy of a rural retreat but we are in fact only a few minutes-by car- away from Deal Town centre…perfect.  The house is old and has many stories to tell.  The oldest part is dated 1540 and the most

Champlain's Well from the back garden

modern from the 1950’s.  The picture above is the house viewed from the back garden.

Originally it was two cottages.  The White Cottage to the front and Redberry Cottage with its Dutch gable end, catslide roof and stairwell tower.  As the name suggests there is a well in the garden.  The pictures below are old photos of the cottages before they were joined.

back-of-redberry-cottage-1934 front-view-from-corner white-house-front1

Great Mongeham has a fascinating history.  We are now a few miles from the sea but in Medieval times there was an inlet  and a dock.  The whole village was involved in supplying the soldiers at the garrison in Calais.  There was a brewery and bakers as well as farms producing food for the army.  Redberry and the White Cottage had orchards and was famous for its strawberries. Of course anyone who knows anything about strawberries realise that Kent grows the best tasting strawberries in the world!  There were also beehives-see picture below-producing apple blossom honey


Now we grow our own vegetables as well as herbs for healing and smudging.  I have just planted a few strawberry plants this Spring and I am looking forward to the summer to sample home grow berries and cream!

Getting to grips with blogging

Even though my website has been up for over a year I still haven’t got to grips with this blogging thing yet. I don’t seem to have enough time to sit at my PC daily or weekly or even monthly. I am not sure who I am writing for or even why? I am not a technophobe but I do find keeping up difficult sometimes. So far I have written about significant events but even that tailed off and I notice my last post was over 6 months ago. How frightening!

My three dogs

My three dogs

Since my last entry Annie and I have parted company-amicably.  She to pursue a new career and me to continue upon this Path.  As the credit crunch hit I expected workshop numbers to decrease and indivdual clients to vanish-however the opposite has been true.  Maybe in these difficult times people are looking for answers outside ‘the box’!

 I am working more closely with Eliana Harvey at the Shamanka School of Women’s Shamanism in Dorset which is wonderful.  Eliana is truely a Wise Woman and I am honoured to be associated with her.  It is amazing to watch a group of women grow and blossom over the course of 2 years.

On a personal level I have acquired 3 dogs and 3 cats.  I already have 3 sons!  So good things definetly come in 3’s!  I have a 14 month old cross breed called Marley, a 6 month old Rottweiler cross called Pixie and Marley’s half brother Silas who is 10 my old cats Fatboy and Zoe and the new addtion Ziggy a 4 month old moggy. I’d forgotten how rewarding owning a dog can be as the last one I had died 30 years ago!


Planetary Homeopathy

Last weekend , we at Champlain’s Well had the good fortune to host and participate in a beautiful and healing workshop.  The facilitator was a lady called Anne Geraghty.  She has been running various groups for over 30 years and you can find out more about her by going to her website 

I first met Anne 28 years ago when we lived at Medina Rajneesh-a commune in the heart of the Suffolk countryside.  We were ‘sannyasins’-disciples of the Indian Guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh laterly known as Osho.  It was a beautiful place full of ‘Love, Life and Laughter’. More than 200 people lived there.  We were never particularly close friends at the time as we worked in different departments and our paths rarely crossed.  As many good things, Medina came to an end and everyone went their seperate ways. I bumped into her again in Australia a few years later but never maintained contact.  Then last September out of the blue I was invited to take part in a BBC Radio 4 programme called The Reunion.  This show is hosted by Sue McGregor and aired on a Sunday morning.  I was excited by the invitation and duly accepted.  My good friend Amara was also invited so we turned up at the studio together. 

The idea of the programme, as it’s name implies is to reunite groups of people who had a particular connection.  In fact I was listening to it this morning and heard some of the survivors from Bletchley Park and the Code Breakers speaking-fascinating.

On arrival at the BBC Westminster Studios we were ushered into a recording room and there at the table was was Anne and her son Tim Guest who wrote the book My Life in Orange which was serialised on Radio 4 a few years ago.  He has written another book since which I can’t remember the title of but I believe he has hopes of being made into a movie. It was so good to see her and after the recording we promised to keep in touch swapped website addresses and emails and went our way. This time we managed to and it emerged that Anne runs workshops called Planetary Homeopathy.  I was interested to find out more and invited her down to CW to hold this workshop.

Planetary Homeopathy is as the title suggests Planetary Healing.  I know that sounds rather grand but the idea is in effect very simple.  When a Homeopathic remedy is created to take, the potent essence is distilled many thousands of times until there is no trace of the original element, so in effect something very small has a dramatic healing effect on the whole body. So the idea is that a small group of people with their intention and energy can have a profound healing effect on Global Issues.

The first day of the workshop was spent creating an energetic unit that consisted of all the people present.  Then the next day the main healing was undertaken.  Obviously what went on is confidential but it was an amazingly profound experience and I am sure the ripples will continue to spread energetically for the good for some time!

Anne does not advertise these workshops as she feels when it’s appropriate to do one someone will ask her.  We will certainly be asking her again!

All Souls Fire Ceremony

On Wednesday evening-31st October- a few of us gathered at my house to celebrate Halloween with a Fire Ceremony in honour of the Ancestors. I welcomed in the directions whilst Annie lit the fire. We did this in the Cherokee style ie anti-clockwise, as this retraces our steps towards our forebears. Those of us gathered sang songs,told stories,shared food and laughter. We then sang our souls songs to our Ancestors asking for messages and gifts to be received for each other. The moon rose slowly over the Ash tree in the garden as the stars appeared in the clearing sky. We closed the ceremony by thanking all the Spirits that had been present-a truly splendid evening!

Journey to Deep Remembering- Gaunts House August

Annie and I arrived at Gaunts a few days before the Journey began and spent our time as volunteers-we met some lovely people and worked hard helping with the clear up after their big summer festival. We continued to help with serving lunches when the Journey began which confused some people as they weren’t sure if we were Gaunties, participants either or neither!!! We will be running a Drum Making workshop there next Summer.
The Journey was organised by an incredible lady called Jennifer Little. It was a gathering of people interested in the Spirit Path and attracted folks from all over the world. Many traditions were represented from Hindu to Christian from Shamanic to Sufi……We made many new friends-reconnected with others and even though the weather was cold, grey and damp did not allow it to spoil the fun.
Caitlyn Mathews was there representing the Celtic Path of our lands. What a eloquent and wonderful woman she is. Annie and I spent a lot of time with her and we laughed til we cried then laughed some more-fantastic fun! With the voice of an angel she taught us to sing our soul note and welcome our ancestors back to our hearths.
We danced Sufi dances, chanted,sang, did yoga, meditated and Sweated in the Lodge run by Ken Littlefish Durrant and his wonderful family. They came from Oregon to take part and we were truely honoured by their presence. Annie and I made firm friends with Ken and his family and are intending to go to Oregon next year to visit and continue absorbing Ken’s great wisdom and teachings on Sweat Lodges and the Red Path. He has agreed to teach me the Sweat Lodge songs in his Native Tongue. I am very grateful for his and his family’s open heartedness and true humility.

He invited us and our families to a special ceremony held in Glastonbury a few days after Gaunts House. The ceremony was in a Teepee in a field owned by a devotee of the Hare Krishna movement. We shared the field with 12 Sacred Cows and had an incredible view of the Tor. The ceremony went on all night and when the sun came up though the early mist and we left the Teepee I was filled with joy and gratefulness at the beauty of this planet we call home.

I hope that Jennifer decides to organise another event here in the UK soon as it was a fantastic experience for all who took part.

Wind Clan gathering in the States (Virginia, USA)

I had quite a visit to the US these past 9 days. I’m still in the states, set to return tomorrow, and I find myself processing quite alot of information! I was invited to the gathering of the Wind Clan by Chief Bluewolf Kicking Bear about a month and a half ago. Never did I think (at the time) that I would actually come! And yet, here I am, having added to my life experience almost 10 days of very unique interactions, ceremonies, new relationships, shared love, gifts, insights…

The actual gathering took place near Crewe, Virginia – a small town in mid-virginia, located on the eastern coast of the United States…I arrived a few days early and was met at the Airport by River Two Horses.  He took me to the land where the Gathering was happening and introduced me to the ‘Family’.  I met Chief Bluewolf Kicking Bear-the Clan Chief. I stayed with Star Pony and Shadow Walker who welcomed me into their home with open arms and hearts.

People began arriving from all over the Country-smiling-glad to be ‘home’. We were immensely lucky when Little Tiger-Jan Seiden arrived on the Friday to entertain and thrill us with her amazing flute playing.  She took us with her music far away and called the rain and made us laugh when it fell so hard!

On Saturday morning the Heart Beat drum began to beat and a day of Ceremony started in the dawn light.  I felt so immensely honoured to be there….so lucky.  When my turn came to beat the drum it was almost impossible to do so as I couldn’t see for the tears falling from my eyes.  I was surrounded by love and the warmth of a family I didn’t know I had until a few weeks before.  It felt so right to be there. During one ceremony the Chief added to my  name -which was already Swift Horse- Blue Water Spirit Woman because I’d flown across the ocean to be there!

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Talking Bird the Medicine Man and he shared with me stories of the Trail of Tears. On my part I  took many clan members on vision journeys to meet loved ones gone before, discover Power Animals and even remove a Voodoo curse!  The time passed so fast and before I knew it I was driving back to Washington DC to catch my flight home.

And here I am now finally finishing this post-back  in the UK- my heart full of joy and a little sadness too-happy to be back with my husband and sons and looking forward to next years Gathering!