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Sunshine Cleansing Meditation

At last in England the sun is out, warmth returns to the Earth and all of Creation sings-particularly the birds and me!  I love the sunshine and hot weather.  Not your typical English rose!  This is the time for my favourite meditation….the Sunshine Cleansing Meditation.

Find a quiet spot in Nature, garden, park, beach….

Lie down on your back with your arms spread out,  palms down to face the Earth.

Feel the sun pulsing down on you, feel the warmth pressing and allow that warmth to enter your body.  Feel the Light beginning to filtre through you and as it does feel any toxins or negativity begin to drain into Mother Earth.  Allow your whole body to be filled with Light, cleansing away the inner cobwebs! Let the Light shine through you,  illuminating your inner being. When you feel the process has completed, turn over and repeat the exercise.

Of course be aware of the strength of the sun and use  an appropriate cream.