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Shamanicplanet workshops with Brooke Medicine Eagle summer 2016

Once again we at Shamanicplanet have the honour and joy of welcoming our dear sister Brooke to the UK.  She is offering two workshops with us:

brooke pic

For the love of Lady Gaia ~  16th-17th July Hollwell Dorset

A Ceremonial Gathering

At this time of challenge and change on our beautiful planet, we must do our best to offer what is powerful and workable into the energy stream. At the highest, that offering is LOVE.
Mother Earth has held us crazy humans in her loving arms and heart for so very long; we need to step up and reciprocate at this time of Her graduation into a new level of being which will uplift us all.

We will learn about creating powerful & beneficial ceremony, the use of the drum and other sacred implements, and songs of empowerment. Then comes cleansing ourselves and putting our knowledge into action.

Gathering in circle, we will call in our finest allies, sing and dance our Love into the ground, vibrating it inward and upward for the benefit of all.

This workshop is open to men and women
Cost £200 concessions available

Individual sessions are available on Monday 18th by prior booking cost £65


Blossoming ~ 27th August Champlain’s Well Great Mongeham Deal Kent

A Native Way of Coming to Presence and Power

One of my wise native elders reminded me that, “through the face of a flower, spirit shines into the world.” When we can blossom into our fulness, we are also that kind of gift to All Our Relations. Brooke will work with you to clear the soil of your history and your ancestry so that you can be nourished properly. Then, you will align yourself with the great Tree of Life, the stalk upon which you can truly blossom. Coming into resonance with the great power of your own Divine Design and the purpose of your heart, you will move gracefully into the process of becoming more of who you already are – of BLOSSOMING INTO YOUR FULLNESS.
What a gift you are! and it will be a joy to support and see that beauty come forth!!

Come ready to be PRESENT in the POWER & BEAUTY OF WHO YOU ARE, to release old traumas and limitations, and move forward in sweet loveliness – the Flower of Who You Are.
Cost for the workshop ~£100 ~private sessions available by prior booking cost £65

Contact for further information and booking

Guiding Spirits ~Discover your Spirit Guides and Power Animals ~23rd July 2016

Guiding Spirits ~Discover your Spirit Guides and Power Animals

Everyone of us has  Spirit Guides who help us in this world and others.  Spirit guides enable us to gain information  for us to use for ourselves, with our clients, friends and family, when doing healing; giving us  information on the choices that Life provides, and generally supporting and guiding us. They come in many forms from the human and animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.

This weekend is an opportunity to meet your personal guiding spirits.  We will be using Shamanic journeying techniques including, drumming, trance dance and the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel.

Cost: £60 for the day-a £20 deposit will secure your place


Contact Seersha 07809722097

for further info and booking


Drum Birthing Workshop 14th ~ 15th May 2016

Birthing a Drum 14th~15th May 2016



You will create, decorate and empower your own magical drum and beater. Journey to discover the Spirit and name of your drum. Honour, name and celebrate its creation with a Fire Ceremony. An enjoyable, sociable creative weekend for all. No previous creative skills required. All materials provided.

‘Much of the Art of Drum Making cannot be spoken-it is about tapping into our creative centres,  contacting Spirit and bringing into being what we are given.  Drums are a Shamans /Shamankas most important tool.  When he/she makes their own it is  a birthing process-a moment of conception; when the seed of the idea meets materials gifted by Mother Earth.  A gestation- as the process unfolds. A birth as the drum is completed and then honoured and named in Ceremony.

Their drum becomes their companion, their most powerful ally and teacher. If cared for it will mature and grow old with them.  When the Shaman/Shamanka walks the Rainbow Bridge the Drum Spirit will go with them, keeping rhythm for the next dance.’

I feel that this is true.  The Drum Spirits are really needed now.  They beat for the healing of Mother Earth-they beat for our own illumination-they beat for joy and sorrow-they beat for celebration and ceremony-they beat for cleansing and clearing-they beat for us.Image of Shamanka women with their drums
This weekend offers you the opportunity to birth your own drum-calling its Spirit and weaving its soul. With the chance to dedicate and name the drum during a Fire CeremonySacred Fire

Shamanicplanet offers Airbnb


If you are looking for a Shamanic getaway why not come and stay here in East Kent with us at Champlain’s Well.  A beautiful 17th century house  with easy access to the continent and the World Heritage site of Canterbury.  During your visit there will be the option for Shamanic therapies.  Contact Seersha for further info 07809722097cw3cw4


13 Moons

antlers antlers 2 antlers3 antlers5 antlers6 antlers9

I went to an amazing festival back in September which I am only getting round to telling you about now! I am so remiss with this blog stuff-so many other things in my life take priority.
The festival was on Dartmoor and hosted by Carolyn Hillyer. It was a women only festival. So we sang and dance and laughed and sang and danced some more! As you can see in the photos we made Deer antlers out of willow and spent a lot of time with The Ellen of the Ways girls down in the woods. The Ancestors roundhouse was also well attended by us. It was a weekend of re-connection and meeting new friends-meditating and learning new skills. But what I will remember the most is the amazing company of women and how much I laughed!

Kurikindi-Golden Hummingbird-workshop near Deal Kent 24th October 2015

I spent an amazing weekend in the company of Kurikindi-an indigenous amazonian shaman. He ran a workshop at to share with us his vision for the future. He feels that the storm clouds are gathering and we need to prepare ourselves for the last battle. We need to stand up and be counted as warriors of the light and do whatever we can to save humanity and Pachamamas other children.

The secret is munay-love-its is the only way to defeat the powers of darkness. He has battled against the petro-chem companies who eventually triumphed and took his family’s land and wrecked and poisoned it. He is classed as a criminal in his own country although he committed no crime. His heart is full of sorrow for the destruction of the rain forest but his light shines brighter-he is undefeated. He said that all the troubles in his homeland have bought him here to England and he trusts that maybe from here in the West he can make more of a difference than being at home.

He asks that we all let go of our negative feelings to what is happening and send love and compassion to the perpetrators of the rape of the world. We look to ourselves to be ‘clear and clean’ in our dealing with ourselves and others. Let go of negativity within ourselves and don’t allow the media to cloud our hearts with hate and fear. Keep ourselves energetically pure by releasing our own anxieties, jealousies, hatreds in a conscious way. Pacha Mama can receive this heavy energy (jucha) and if given in gratitude for the lessons we learned from it She will transform it to pure light energy-Sami.

Now is the time.mari&patricio-1258-1 face close

He is offering a one day workshop near Deal in Kent on 24th October 2015.  For further info contact

Kurikindi- Traditional Amazonian Shaman-Introductory workshop-29th August 2015-Near Deal Kent

KuriKindi is a shaman from the Kichwa people who live deep in the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador. He was born into a traditional shamanic family drawing on many generations of wisdom and knowledge. He has travelled extensively in South America to gain deeper understanding from other indigenous traditions. He is here now in the UK with his message from the heart to share with us. This is the first of 2 workshops-next workshop 24th October 2015. Cost £100
He is also offering one to one sessions on Sunday 30th at a special price of £65 for workshop participants

To secure a place and/or book a private session email seersha@sky.commari&patricio-1258-1 face close

Busy Summer

Well I am really excited about the prospects that this year are offering me.  I am heading down to Croyden Hall at the end of May for the Grandmother’s Gathering  Three days spent in the lovely Exmoor countryside with wonderful friends. I shall be on reception for the event and helping out on the tour afterwards.

Following hot on the heels of that I am attending conference in London where I will be meeting up with Brooke Medicine Eagle.  Brooke will be running a workshop in Dorset and then Kent before she flies home at the end of June.

The first week in July I shall be making  a vision quest walk in the Snowdon area of North Wales.

During the rest of July and August I will be hosting TEFL students at my home.

The first week in September I am attending the 13 Moons festival with Carolyn Hillyer-followed by a teaching trip to Peru with The Shamanka Trail .  Busy busy schedule-if anyone is interested in any of the events mentioned please get in touch!brooke pic

The recent Equinox, astrological alignments and eclipse 20th March 2015

I am not going to bang on, about what all the astrologers, astronomers and mystic thrill seekers have been sharing about with this extreme and complicated celestial alignment etc but talk about what happened to me and my family.  The build up to this event has been intense to put it mildly.  It began for us at the end of January when my husband was made redundant-unexpectedly.  Shortly after he got a call from Eire to say his Mum was dying and he needed to be there.  Her death was traumatic for all of us.  It bought out unhealed wounds from childhood and beyond for him and his siblings. He came back from Eire a shadow of himself-deep in grief. On his return he received a diagnosis of a cancer that had to be operated on in the next couple of months .

Money troubles start mounting and the world begins to feel like a hostile place.  How are we going to pay the bills?  Put food on the table?  Despite all my training, and understanding of the Universe, I succombed to panic and depression and felt like pulling the duvet over my head and never getting up again.  Swamped, overwhelmed, realising how poorly we have managed our finances over the years and worrying how we are going to cope. All this put a tremendous stress on our relationship and we ended up snipping at each other instead of supporting.

The day of the eclipse arrived and here we couldn’t see it at all as it was covered by thick heavy cloud-a reflection of what was being experienced at home I felt.  It got colder and a bit darker and that was it.  I felt very disappointed.  The day continued as any other day.  Then something happened which was the final straw-some people who I had counted on as family and loved finally showed their true colours and I was devastated.  I collapsed into a sobbing heap-utterly defeated! Betrayed and wounded. Couldn’t get any lower.  I dragged myself up and drove to my eldest sons place as at this point was unable to communicate with my husband at all. He welcomed me in, made tea and just sat and listened while it all poured out………………he hugged me, looked straight into my eyes and very gently told me to stop being a victim!  Wow not what I was expecting!  He told me to face the people who I felt betrayed me and tell them the real truth about how I felt.  To deal with the money stuff instead of worrying about it.  To let go any ”hoocha” that the grieving family had thrown as it belonged to them not us. He reminded me that Dad had to deal with the cancer and loose weight and get fit and that’s his job not mine.  He held me as I sobbed and told me he loved me and that I was an amazing Mum.  At that point the sun shone through and the grey skies parted and the power of love was revealed in all its glory.

So I left his place with a re-newed sense of possibility and new beginnings-determined to deal with the things I can and relax about those I can’t. When I got home I could hear my husband playing guitar and singing-which was strange as he hadn’t done that for a while. I went into the sitting room and he was smiling and dancing around with his guitar looking really happy. “You’ll never guess what’s happened?” While you were out I had a big realisation. I’ve got to stop being a victim- victim of my dis-ease, of my family, of my relationship. I am so lucky I have you and the boys and I’m loved. I have to deal with the things I can in a positive way and relax about the rest!”

So here we are-on the surface nothing has changed- we still have bills to pay and families to deal with and disease and all the stuff that life chucks at us BUT we have LOVE and that will get us through.boysDSCF0020_edited

Brooke Medicine Eagle

brooke pic

I am very excited to share that Brooke Medicine Eagle is coming to the UK and will be holding a one day workshop in Kent.

Brooke Medicine Eagle

The Practice and Power of White Buffalo Woman’s gifts.

20th June 10 am-5.00 pm ~ East Kent

Exploring the power of the primary feminine; the ability to move beyond the physical, to dissolve, to expand – abilities that open untold realms of possibility for healing, working in greater unity and for using the power of the Void in service for all life on Earth.

Brooke Medicine Eagle is a New Age author and workshop presenter, specialising in her personal views and interpretations of Native American religions. Her books include Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and The Last Ghost Dance


Cost £100 concessions available

Individual sessions available ~ 21st June ~ £65


For booking please contact Seersha on 07809722097 or email