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Natural Health Radio

Seems I’m a bit bit slow at this blogging stuff.  Since I’ve been on Facebook I’ve hardly added anything!  Anyway the big news currently is that I now have a weekly show on on every Tuesday at 13.00 called Shamanicplanet-I do hope you’ll give it a listen.



Shaman or not?

Drum making in Hamburg 2012 124I am Shamanic Practitioner. However I am not a Shaman. So many people make the spurious claim these days to be a Shaman. I work shamanically and access information from the Spirit Worlds using shamanic techniques but that does not make me a Shaman. A traditional Shaman’s skills are often handed down within a family or the Shaman goes through an ordeal or near death experience. In my life I have experienced tough lessons although never near death.  In the Andes, being struck by lightening seems to be a fairly common way of initiation! I use the tools that Shaman and other teachers have taught me  and work for the re-balancing of humanity through my drum making and other workshops, trainings and therapies. I am  human and fallible-don’t have all the answers and know hardly any of the questions either.

I do not walk one path or follow one tradition.  I am a ‘braided hair’ who weaves the wisdom given to me by various teachers and traditions.  I do not claim to be a Shaman  but am proud to be a Medicine Woman.  I have many skills that I have learned over my lifetime including Shamanic Practice and other healing modalities.

A Life less sanitised.

It’s all very good being positive and spreading the loving energy-being a Rainbow Warrior of Light and standing up for Mother Earth and All our Relations. I read so many posts on FB and Twitter that are all sweetness and light-all Faeries and Angels higher vibrations and love. Posts of sickly sweet cute puppies and kittens-Dolphins and Whales, Wolves and Buffalo…….but what happens when you wake up in the morning and feel like shit? No sunshine in your smile?! Had an argument with a loved one……got a hangover……..just fed up with the daily toil that seems so challenging today…..Sometimes we just have to accept that today ain’t going to be brilliant and use the opportunity to look at what we could do to improve our Life. These moments of bleakness are great times of learning-showing us what we need to do for ourselves in this lifetime.
Interestingly the word faerie means dirty-that is enough to cheer me up when I think of all the gossamer winged wonders I get sent pics of so often. The faeries I grew up with were a dangerous, untrustworthy lot who’s motives were shrouded and could never be trusted! My Grandmother loved to tell me tales of unfortunate travellers snatched away by faeries and returned hundreds of years later thinking they had only been away for hours. Of the faerie water horses-Kelpie–who trapped young men and dragged them to a lifetime of slavery beneath the Waterfalls. Of faeries stealing children and replacing the babies with one of their own-who would grow up like a Cuckoo in the nest and wreak havoc on their adopted families.
It seems to me that we like to sanitise life and make it appear all sparkly and pretty. We put on a face for the world and its all smiles and joy. Well we all know that it isn’t like that. Life is an extreme sport-we hang on for the ride and have moments of great excitement and even glory and times of despair and utter defeat. Its how we deal with the dark times that make us strong-like tempering steel. There is a place for the gossamer wings etc but don’t forget the darker side-its not evil just challenging-making us look at what we try to hide. Lift that rock and see what lurks under it-it might be unpleasant and difficult to accept and honour that part of you but what a relief to stop pretending!

The Openhand Project

Over the past few weeks I have been heavily involved with this new CIC-Community Interest Company. A group of us have decided to set this company up with a view to promoting complementary therapies and workshops for vulnerable and under privileged members of society. These therapies such as Indian Head Massage and Reflexology are readily available if you have the cash to pay for them but a large section of society cannot afford and often hasn’t even heard of the benefits such treatments can give. Below is what we say on our website. If you are interested please go and have a look:

The Open Hand Project is a Community Interest Company (CIC) based in East Kent. A CIC is a form of not-for-profit limited company for those who want to conduct business for social and community benefit.

We are a group of like-minded therapists and facilitators aiming to help make a difference to people’s lives. Our vision sees individuals empowering themselves through the uptake of one to one alternative therapies and yoga, meditation, stress awareness workshops and classes. By working together we have more gravitas, motivation and support as a team, and can offer a wider range of services to our clients.

We’re called The Open Hand Project because we believe that we all need a helping hand at some point in our lives and that by giving we enrich ourselves. Everyone can act with intention, and with support can make choices to turn their lives around.

We aim to give perspective on the life/work/health balance to those in society who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

We envision working in different locations, where there is easy access by public transport and using space already available through our network of contacts.

We operate in a professional manner, taking advice from a number of different organisations regarding funding, marketing and networking. We aim to raise awareness of what The Open Hand Project has to offer using complementary marketing and networking initiatives

Tweet from the Dalai Lama

Due to the fundamental interconnectedness that lies at the heart of reality, your interest is also my interest.

Another month passes

Unbelievably another month has gone-but this was a month of pain and sorrow. This month has taken me to places I’d rather not visit- a deeply challenging time when the only way forward was prayer. A confrontation with demons-an acknowledgment of weakness. A realisation of being the unhealed healer. “Drowning-not waving”. A massive lesson in letting go-watching a loved one move towards self destruction and being unable to help. Witnessing the de-construction of a being into paranoia, delusion and mania. Keep breathing, keep praying. In the end it’s all we can do. Put our trust in the Divine

Wir habt trummeln gebaut!

I can’t believe its a month since my last entry.  Busy times!

Anna and I went to Hamburg recently to run a drum making workshop.  We were working with our  Shamanka sister Monika, who lives and facilitates a Shamanic group on the outskirts of the City.

The flight from Gatwick was uneventful and we arrived at Monika’s late in the evening.  Next day we went to the garden where the workshop would take place.  Soaked the hides and set up a Medicine Wheel.  We prepared ourselves for the weekend.  The weather forecast was dismal so there were tents and a Gazebo erected in preparation for the coming downpours.

The group were concerned that we would have communication problems.  However with my pigeon German,  Monika’s good English and plenty of body language we managed easily!

Much of the Art of Drum Making cannot be spoken-it is about tapping into our creative centres,  contacting Spirit and bringing into being what we are given.  Drums are a Shamankas most important tool.  When she makes her own it is  a birthing process-a moment of conception when the seed of the idea meets materials given by Mother Earth.  A gestation- as the process unfolds. A birth as the drum is completed and then honoured and named in Ceremony.  Her drum becomes her companion, her most powerful ally and teacher.

If cared for it will mature and grow old with her.  When the Shamanka Sister walks the Rainbow bridge the Drum Spirit will go with her- keeping rhythm for the next dance.

A lot of photos were taken in Germany and I am waiting to receive a disc with them on.  As soon as I do I will post some here.

Day of Ceremony

Next Friday I am going down to Stonehenge to join with other women in a day of ceremony and celebration.

We will greet the dawn at Stonehenge, within the great circle of stones…..Ancient Ones….

Then moving on to Avebury Circle…..sisters with sisters…..

Ending up at West Kennet Long Barrow for communion with my Ancestors

Blessed Be!


I am usually pretty good at understanding the meaning of dreams-often for myself but other folks also ask for my insight.   However now I am asking you.  Last night I had a dream and I wonder if anyone has any insights for me:

Had an emotional dream last night- I was visiting a large communal place. When I dream of these places I know this is an important dream. I was with quite a few other people and we were under attack by four male lions. There was a feeling of panic and fear and we tried to lock all the doors and windows to prevent them entering. I looked out the window and saw them walking up a hill carrying the dismembered pieces of my dog Pixie in their mouths-In fact she was in 2 one lion carrying her body and another one of her back legs. I wailed and howled in deep grief in my sleep and woke myself up.

The Art of Giving Birth

I am the proud Mum of three beautiful boys.  Each birth experience was different and eventually the joy of holding a new born in your arms eclipses everything else.  By the time Jago was born I’d learned how to listen to my body and ‘ignore’ the medical experts who generally treat Childbirth and pregnancy as an illness to be  dealt with rather than experienced.  I was lucky to have 2 home births and felt I needed to write this blog because of an article I read in the paper recently saying that a study has concluded that home birth is safer than hospitalisation but still women are pressured into going in rather than staying home-so I wanted to share my stories as I had both