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Magical Warrior Women

Magical Warrior Women is a spiritual creative collective for women. We share a day of creativity, spirituality, love, support, inspiration, activism and internal / collaborative growth. It’s a place to nurture any ideas you have, share what inspires you, learn with other women and grow together. This is a monthly occurence. We are strong, powerful and magic! When we come together we can move mountains ! We intend to achieve great things in activism, charity, current affairs, human consciousness and inner transformation. Women of ALL AGES are welcome (and encouraged!) to join us.

We can accommodate women coming from far away to stay overnight. This meeting and EVERY meeting we do is on a DONATION basis, because we want this to be accessible to all and we really are doing this for the love 🙂

This month we are chanting and singing. So bring a chant and/or a song to share with us. Its not about performing but tuning in to that magical place within our souls that connects us to the Universe.

“Something is conscious of us. It listens as it plays upon the
instruments that we are. It takes delight in the cacophony, an
orchestration so grand it is far beyond our contemplation. It is
masterful, elegant, swift, and awesome. It is the Song of the
Universe—and more. It is our Composer, and one who loves
beyond conditions, beyond the beyond. If the law of ‘as above, so
below’ holds true, then we too are composers. We too sing songs
that breathe shape into reality. But are we listening? Are we
paying attention to the compositions we create?”
― Dielle Ciesco, The Unknown Mother: A Magical Walk with the Goddess of Sound

For further info call Seersha 07809722097  or email
Next meeting 13th May 2017


The Star Maiden’s Circle
Magic of the Medicine Wheel with
Leo Rutherford
22nd-23rd July 2017

*Are you in a stuck place in your life?*Are there emotional hurts that still plague you from your past?*Do old patterns of behaviour return and upset the life you are seeking to create?The Circle unravels our life issues, shows us the source of them and guides us to potent places where we can effect change. It shows how we tend to get caught in the powerlessness of chasing our own tail, our own limiting patterns and habits. It then challenges us to free ourselves from those old patterns and change our future.The work is powerful and touches the deep wounds within to bring insights and change.The Star Maiden’s Circle is the central circle of the Twenty Count and is the circle of human life and development. It is the work of the ‘South’ of the wheel, the waters, the past, memory, the inner child, the emotional body, the ally of trust and innocence and the enemy of fear. It is the foundational direction of our life journey and whatever we have not healed in our past will travel around our wheel with us and make itself known at most inopportune moments.We work with the power of the Star Maiden Circle and participants will experience its ability to transform buried energies. First you face each direction of the circle of your life to bring to consciousness the parts that need healing. Then a second time to find the health of each direction, your inner beauty, strengths and the potential to achieve mastery of your Self and create more of the life of your choice.This workshop will directly address these issues through the magical tool of the Star Maiden’s Circle and other appropriate shamanic, therapeutic and ceremonial techniques.Limited number of places (10) for those who wish to have personal time in the circle. We welcome others to join the outer circle who will gain much through the teaching sessions on the Medicine Wheel and witnessing the work.

The cost of the workshop is £150 for the inner circle & £100 for the outer. Concessions available upon request

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19th August 2017

More and more, we are understanding the power of those who have come before us to help us live our lives well. This applies in critical situations of challenge and crisis, as well as in our positive learning and growth.

Primary peoples have a long shamanic tradition of working with the ancestors in what seem to modern people mysterious ways. Now cutting edge science is awakening to the importance of our epigenetic inheritance – what we carry from the generations before us. Exciting and empowering techniques and processes await our conscious use of them. Brooke will share with you what they mean for your personal lives, your practice, and Mother Earth in this critical time.

You have powerful allies waiting to assist you. Brooke will help you find the joy of having them “at your side”. You will learn about:
– turning the brain “bad guy” into your most powerful ally
– using the magic of your body in manifesting wellness and your desires
– gathering the power of your lineage of love
and much more.

More and more, we are understanding the power of those who have come before us to help us live our lives well. This applies in critical situations of challenge and crisis, as well as in our positive learning and growth.

The cost £100-concessions available by prior arrangement. We don’t want to exclude folks because of financial restraints

For further information and booking please email or call 07809722097