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Weekly Osho Meditations

Many years ago in the late 70’s I was standing doing the ironing watching television and saw a documentary on Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh-Osho.  I looked at the groups of people dancing and singing, laughing and celebrating and knew immediately that this was something I wanted to share.  I put the iron down and wrote a letter to the Kalptaru Rajneesh  centre in North London.  Within weeks I had left home and was living in a Rajneesh Commune.  The best move I ever made!  The words and meditations of Osho have been the basis of my spiritual life ever since and although I have gained skills, knowledge and wisdom from many traditions over the years, the foundation given to me by Osho has held firm.

So now we are offering a weekly Osho Meditation group every Wednesday.  We will be practicing some of the many different meditations that he suggested, some dynamic in nature others quieter and more contemplative.  We meet on a Wednesday evening  from 7.30 to  9.30pm  There will be an explanation of the particular meditation and a chance to share afterwards anything that might have come up during the session.  Prior booking is essential. Call Seersha 07809722097

First  meeting 30th August and then every Wednesday


Magical Warrior Women

Magical Warrior Women is a spiritual creative collective for women. We share a day of creativity, spirituality, love, support, inspiration, activism and internal / collaborative growth. It’s a place to nurture any ideas you have, share what inspires you, learn with other women and grow together. This is a monthly occurrence. We are strong, powerful and magic! When we come together we can move mountains ! We intend to achieve great things in activism, charity, current affairs, human consciousness and inner transformation. Women of ALL AGES are welcome (and encouraged!) to join us.

We can accommodate women coming from far away to stay overnight. This meeting and EVERY meeting we do is on a DONATION basis, because we want this to be accessible to all and we really are doing this for the love 🙂

This month we look at positive resourcing. We are all faced by challenges everyday and how we manage them is vital for our own well being and that of our loved ones. Come and learn some simple techniques to deal with the overwhelm in a positve and nurturing way. In a way that blesses us, our families and All Our Relations.
For further info call Seersha 07809722097  or email
Next meeting 30th September