Osho Meditations in Kent

Many years ago in the late 70’s I was standing doing the ironing watching television and saw a documentary on Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh-Osho.  I looked at the groups of people dancing and singing, laughing and celebrating and knew immediately that this was something I wanted to share.  I put the iron down and wrote a letter to the Kalptaru Rajneesh  centre in North London.  Within weeks I had left home and was living in a Rajneesh Commune.  The best move I ever made!  The words and meditations of Osho have been the basis of my spiritual life ever since and although I have gained skills, knowledge and wisdom from many traditions over the years, the foundation given to me by Osho has held firm.

So now we are offering a weekly Osho Meditation group.  We will be practicing some of the many different meditations that he suggested, some dynamic in nature others quieter and more contemplative.  We meet on a Wednesday evening  from 7.30 to  9.30pm  There will be an explanation of the particular meditation and a chance to share afterwards anything that might have come up during the session.  Prior booking is essential