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Magical Warrior Women

Magical Warrior Women

Magical Warrior Women is a spiritual creative collective for women. We share a day of creativity, spirituality, love, support, inspiration, activism and internal / collaborative growth. It’s a place to nurture any ideas you have, share what inspires you, learn with other women and grow together. This is a monthly occurrence. We are strong, powerful and magic! When we come together we can move mountains ! We intend to achieve great things in activism, charity, current affairs, human consciousness and inner transformation. Women of ALL AGES are welcome (and encouraged!) to join us.

We can accommodate women coming from far away to stay overnight. This weekend and EVERY weekend we do is on a DONATION basis, because we want this to be accessible to all and we really are doing this for the love 🙂

This month we are beginning our journey to heal the inappropriate female energies that hold us back and prevent us from fulfilling our potential



Next meeting 24th June  2017


For more info contact us


 This is a new addition to what we offer……..
Great Mongeham, United Kingdom

Up to 8 guests  2 rooms available. Deal is a delightful seaside town with a thriving music scene. We are close to world heritage site of Canterbury with …

We began offering Airbnb  May 2015-it has been a great experience.  We have met some lovely people who we look forward to meeting again.  So this year we have decided to extend the service and offer Shamanic/holistic treatments as part of your stay.  There is a possibility of making a drum-for more info see the Drum Birthing page-but on a one to one basis or in small private group.  The chance to experience one or more of the Shamanic/holistic treatments we have here whilst enjoying all the local delights that Deal and the surrounding area has to offer with its convenient  links to London and the Continent.  We look forward to welcoming you, your family and/or friends for an holiday experience with a difference.


Seersha and her lovely family were the perfect hosts. They made us feel comfortable and at ease the minute we walked through their door which was perfect as this was the first time we had used airbnb and with a large, young family(4 children under 8!) this was just fantastic. Also the journey had been an arduous one and the welcome we got really went a long way to easing the stress of the journey, we had arrived a lot later than anticipated and Seersha made us feel like we were one of the family, instantly making us feel welcome and at ease. We enjoyed our stay so much that we actually stayed again on the journey home. This is a Great place to stay especially if you have young children, Seersha goes more than the extra mile to help you, make you feel at home and is truly one of life’s great characters, she was so caring and compassionate with us and our family – the perfect host, we thoroughly loved our stay, the children didn’t want to leave.

We loved the welcome and were instantly put at ease, which can be difficult when you have 6 cheeky children excited for their holiday and running around a beautiful, very old house. We were made to feel like old friends or family members, never feeling out of place, we all got a great night’s sleep, awoke refreshed, well taken care of and look after in a truly personal way. Might I also add that Seersha is fantastic with children, our friends have a 9 month old baby and Seersha was always on hand to ask if there was anything the baby needed, “should I hold baby whilst mum sterilises the bottles”? just great, a service you would never get at a b’n’b or hotel!

Thank- you Seersha and family
From Pete in Manchester
Seersha made us feel at home from the moment we arrived, by inviting us to join her BBQ with friends and giving us two room options. We had very little time in Deal due to late arrival after a horrendous journey. Seersha and her husband both gave us great advice about making the best of our short time there and giving us excellent directions for our journey to catch the ferry at Dover the following day. An unexpected bonus was the vegan friendly breakfast options.

From Vereena UK

Seersha communicated with us well to ensure a timely welcome on arrival and answered our questions throughout our stay. We enjoyed learning about the very historic house and area. If you enjoy the countryside and still access to a town, this is a great location. Also, if you need to catch an early ferry from Dover the next morning. Seersha was a gracious host providing tea and other help especially for the children. The dogs and cat were friendly and the house was clean. We enjoyed Deal and the rest of the neighbourhood. It was great to have a parking space off the road. We really enjoyed meeting you and John. Thanks for the hospitality and tea tree oil treatments. They really helped.

From David USA

Connect with Mother Earth

Kurikindi Rainforest headband palm leaf


Kurikindi is a shaman from the Kichwa people who live deep in the Amazonian rainforest in Ecuador. He was born into a traditional shamanic family drawing on many generations of wisdom and knowledge. His family has travelled extensively in South America to gain greater understanding from other indigenous tribes and their Shamanic traditions.He has a deep and intimate understanding of the nature of energy and our inter-connectedness with all. In this workshop he will explore the first steps in learning how to communicate with the plant and animal kingdoms

Full day workshop – Cost £100 per person

He is also offering one to one sessions on Sunday 3rd July at a special price of £65 for workshop participants

For further info and booking please call Seersha 07809722097 or email her at seersha@sky.com

A Celtic Quest

A Celtic Quest ~ The Mysteries of King Arthur’s Court ~ One day introductory workshop

celtic quest

For centuries the stories of King Arthur and the Knights and Ladies of the Round Table have held us in thrall.

When the Plantagenet Kings became rulers of these lands, they felt it important to emulate King Arthur in order to express their Englishness. This legend was held in such high regard that Geoffrey of Monmouth wrote Arthur into his “History of the Kings of Britain”. For centuries this was held as true. Even today, scholars search for proof.

They are, of course, missing the point. Arthur is indeed the once and future King, he has been since these isles were formed and he will be long after we have gone. For he is the energy of the land. He is not sleeping, he is very much awake and waiting for us to take up our armour and work with him.

This introductory day will give us an insight into the meaning behind the legends and offer us a connection to the world of the ancients.

For further information email seersha@sky.com or call 07809722097


Doris Eagle Feather Duster-How to survive when the shift hits the fan!


This video is the best advice I’ve seen for the 2012 scenario.  Doris knows all the answers! Enjoy


Getting to grips with blogging

Even though my website has been up for over a year I still haven’t got to grips with this blogging thing yet. I don’t seem to have enough time to sit at my PC daily or weekly or even monthly. I am not sure who I am writing for or even why? I am not a technophobe but I do find keeping up difficult sometimes. So far I have written about significant events but even that tailed off and I notice my last post was over 6 months ago. How frightening!

My three dogs

My three dogs

Since my last entry Annie and I have parted company-amicably.  She to pursue a new career and me to continue upon this Path.  As the credit crunch hit I expected workshop numbers to decrease and indivdual clients to vanish-however the opposite has been true.  Maybe in these difficult times people are looking for answers outside ‘the box’!

 I am working more closely with Eliana Harvey at the Shamanka School of Women’s Shamanism in Dorset which is wonderful.  Eliana is truely a Wise Woman and I am honoured to be associated with her.  It is amazing to watch a group of women grow and blossom over the course of 2 years.

On a personal level I have acquired 3 dogs and 3 cats.  I already have 3 sons!  So good things definetly come in 3’s!  I have a 14 month old cross breed called Marley, a 6 month old Rottweiler cross called Pixie and Marley’s half brother Silas who is 10 weeks.plus my old cats Fatboy and Zoe and the new addtion Ziggy a 4 month old moggy. I’d forgotten how rewarding owning a dog can be as the last one I had died 30 years ago!