At ShamanicPlanet we offer a variety of workshops for Men and Women, which can be taken individually or combined to complete a Shamanic Practitioners Foundation Course, which we call Shamanicplanet Practitioners Training- Dance of Life.  Successful completion of this course will enable you to treat clients of your own using Ancient Healing Techniques.  We offer student and practioner insurance cover.

We offer a Sweat Lodge training which covers all aspects of the process from construction to completing a lodge.

Our Drum making weekends (with Sweat Lodge) are always very popular so early booking is advised.

There is an opportunity for Women to access their special gifts in  Cauldron of Mysteries-a four day workshop held in Dorset at  The Shamanka School of Women’s Shamanism.  Seersha also teaches on other courses at Shamanka.

It is also possible to arrange an apprenticeship  please get contact Seersha with any queries.