Shamanicplanet Practitioners Training-The Dance of Life

We are the choreographers of our own Life Dance.  In an ideal world, the steps we’ve learned would enable us to dance it with rhythm, verve and style.  Sadly many of us say we can’t dance or won’t dance: fear guides our life process and binds our feet!  Sometimes the steps are challenging and we have to go over them time after time until we learn; sometimes we are in the flow and the steps come easily.  This training programme helps us to look deeply within and heal ourselves giving us the opportunity to discover our own  dance and help others to find theirs.

  • Walking the Wheel-introduction to the Shamanic Path
  • Guiding Spirits-working with our Guides
  • Song of the Ancestors-healing the ancestral lines
  • Munay Ki Rites-rites from the High Andes
  • Wise Woman and Mystical Male-two weekends harmonising the Male/Female aspects of ourselves
  • Sweat Lodge Training-learning the A-Z of construction and running sweat lodges
  • Birthing your Drum-bring your Drum into BeingSeersha and Majestic

All weekends will include journeying and healing practices. You will be fully supported throughout your transformative process. Completion of seven weekends can be done over a period of time. Once you’ve attended all seven weekends and finished  all case study homework you will receive a completion certificate for the Shamanicplanet Dance of Life foundation training programme. We can offer insurance as a Student Practitioner and upgrade to fully qualified practitioner on receipt of certificate

From 2017  we will offer a variety of more advanced workshops for those interested in furthering their knowledge.

Man building Yurt